The Heart, The Hook, and The Hat

Episode 104 – Drop the Heart

(S04E12) – Now that Frozen is back safe with Disney there’s room for Dragon Lady, Dog Lady, and Fishy. Turns out they know Rumps from back in the day. They got caught in his plan to rescue his Bae. In Storybrooke Gold stands in the clock, where he’s taking his hat on a little space walk. He saves Belle from darkness with a flick of his wrist. He’s changed, but not really, and now Belle is pi– upset. His outlook’s so sick he might need penicillin due to his wife’s actions in “Heroes and Villains”.

The Heart, The Hook, and The Hat

The Heart, The Hook, and The Hat

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Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

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Letters: Shattered Sight

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Shattered Sight”. Aleana starts us off by talking about flashbacks, Chris is all about the pet rocks, and Ash is into the Harry Potter references. 


Regina just wasn’t comfortable in anything she was wearing.

AWESOMENESS!! Ingrid you beautiful soul.

Ingrid wondering around Boston in the past reminded me of Enchanted. Lol, at her telling of the sorceress, her name is Emma Swan! Wow, Gold wants to take Henry and Belle to New York. Lol, at Kristoff doubting his haircut. yes, I have missed you too Evil Queen 🙂

Ingrid protecting Emma was so nice and telling her what Kevin is afraid of, she does care. Lol, someone slip me a poison apple and put me out of my misery. Hahaha, at Charming telling Kristoff why are you selling ice when the whole place is Frozen 🙂 The entire bantering in the Sheriff’s stations is gold! The ribbons are flowing with love unequal, wow! Loving the Galavant and Into the Woods promos airing during OUAT 🙂 Also the Fresh of the Boat one too, I am so excited for that show.

There was a Dalmatian toy, Cruella hint 🙂 Those flashbacks were awesome, loved that Ingrid wanted to be a big sister to Emma, her intentions seemed genuine and Emma loved her. Emma really angered Regina but the ribbons are gone, yes! Haha, a dirty pirate, I bathe frequently. Lol, Henry. I wish I could poof home like Harry Potter too Emma 🙂

Oh God No! A traumatic experience, Ingrid holding Emma’s hand was scary. I can tell she just wanted to help her come to realisation with her powers, when she was crying out that was heartbreaking. Haha, magic is too good for you, I want to watch you bleed, the Evil Queen is back. Lol, at ‘I don’t know who you are but why don’t you go back to where you came from.

“I pick flowers, I talk to birds. Know what else? I KILL. still want to hold hands and sing ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah?” this is too funny 🙂

Ingrid is in Storybrooke! Get in your head lady, were not your sisters, we don’t love you. The funny thing about time is that were romanticized the good times, love this quote. Magic can’t create love, I know you have forgotten but you did love me once.

Oh god, Emma and Ingrid meeting at the Ice Cream shop, are you following me, lol. Sheriff Graham, memories 🙁

Ingrid took her memories away with Pabbie’s rock. At least she gave her Rocky Road, love Elizabeth Mitchell’s laugh 🙂

Hahaha, careful of the stroller. The sword fight between Regina and Snow was EPIC!! Do Not Wake My Baby! Damn, they are getting thrown around like crazy! Anna found her parents letter, yes! Lol at Anna, I’ll be right back, stay here, he cant move Anna 🙂

Anna same to save the day! Elsa and Anna, we were wrong to conceal her powers, it happened before and I was wrong to conceal them (Conceal don’t feel, don’t let it show. let it go :)) . I was fearful, I let that fear hide me, I should have celebrated her. Please return my sisters memories. Release her, please tell her I love her and I am sorry, I would give anything to hold her hands one more time. I had a feeling the letter would be something along these lines. Anna, family never gives up on each other.

Gerta, what have I done, I need to reverse this, DON’T KILL YOURSELF INGRID!

THIS Scene!! Incredible, what courage, Ingrid loved her sisters, all she wanted was love, the letter gave her that, the sisters running on the field… I love the score playing, such beauty. Elizabeth Mitchell, you stole and broke my heart. It’s snowing! Regina: what am I wearing, all the laughs 🙂

Oh no! Rumple wants like world domination or something. The promo! A Dalmatian is here OH MY GOD! We will be the victors, Ursula, Cruella and Maleficent and she looks like the movie!! I cant wait!!!

My theory is Belle knows what Rumple is up to and she going to stop him and somehow release everyone who was suck into the hat because I believe Maleficent Ursula Cruella Deville are also in the hat and they are going to be the next villains they face



Hey Anne and Bill, Holy Cow just wow. Lots of thread tied up and man was I the only one getting season 1 flash backs tonight?

So glad they brought some of the continuity up during the rage fest. Thank you which ever writers remembered that. Also was it just me or did it seem like some of the lines..I’ve read or heard before from other fans being uttered. Snow’s, “I WAS TEN!” especially.
Loveed Henry’s bit too, ohmygosh..Home alone Henry edition ehehee. Sorry Bill but hook kinda deserved some of that  maybe not at the time #OverDue Karma. I think the Spell was kinda cathartic for a good about of the characters. Just another reason for them all to deal with their issues in a healthly manner and not wait for curses to make them emotionally explode. Archie’s gonna be swamped with patients and speaking of..Did ya guys catch the Dalmatian plushie in the crane machine? cough foreshadowing cough. And Harry Potter references for THE WIN!   also ron weasley is afraid of spiders (Harry’s best friend)  as well like Kevin..Though the kid acted more like Draco Malfoy (Arch Rival) or Dudley.(Harry’s cousin.)
Poor Emma, *sniffle* ugh, so sad. And yeessh Ingid was giving me Regina  vibes with trying to win Henry over etc.
Oooh Ingrid in the end.. gah tears and rain on my face despite my self. Bittersweet and it was like when rumple sacrificed himself  in 3a in a way. Little trio of sisters..*uses handkerchief* And Rumple on a mission the whole stars aligning remind me of disney’s Hercules with the planets.. OO eeep and that promo…yeah it’s gonna get crazy.
Giveing this one; 77 shards of mirror glass out of a mini batch of a hundred
Cheers and hugs, Ash
Whoooow doctor. Every episode keeps getting better somehow. I think this may be my favorite episode of the series, top 5 for sure!! AMAZING!! 
And for my top 5
5.) Ingrid and the “psychic”
How hilarious was it when she called her sorceress and she totally had Ingrid going? Ill tell you. VERY hilarious!! Did Ingrid leave that jewel with the “charlatan”? Nice freebie
4.) Emma and Ingrids Backstory
Cool to see more of this plot filled in. How did Ingrid adopt Emma in the first place? It was so funny how she manipulated Emma with Kevin and the spiders, he was a real jerkwad. Too bad they didnt show him getting failed on by them. Nice continuity with Emma causing lights to flicker because of her magic pretty much her whole life. Now it makes more sense to me why when her magic was out of control, all the electric stuff was going crazy. It makes me appreciate that plot a little more. I couldn’t believe Ingrid put Emma in front of a car, too insane even for her. Hurtful for Emma to think only a nutjob would want to adobt her. Its sad how it turned out because they really had a nice relationship going. Im glad it actually made sense how Emma met Ingrid in season 1 and lost her memories. I just really want to know what happened with her when everyone was taken back in Pans curse. Maybe she got out of town before it got there because she could leave. Also Emma saying “what is that your pet rock” absolutely killed me
3.) Rumple’s plan
Im so excited to see how this unfolds. He literally threatened the whole world in this episode!! Im starting to think he will kill hook. It really seems thats where they’re going. I again expected Belle to overhear Rumple but I suppose she was too busy sleeping. 
2.)Everyone under the spell
Snowings interaction was amazing. Very nice callbacks to season one when they were falling in love. When snow said that she was a murderer and she wasn’t sorry for killing “the evil queens mommy”, it was chilling and horrifying. One of my favorite moments of the episode. Anna being hurt by Kristoffs words was heart breaking. Shes absolutely adorkable!! Grumpy and the rest of the dwarves fighting was just so satisfying, also Granny and her crossbow!! I lost it when Will tried to hit Hook and missed and ran into the wall, so epic!! I have to wonder if there were any fatalities with all the arrows flying around!! Lastly, of course Snow and Reginas “epic battle” i feel like all oncers have been waiting 4 years for this. So good!! Ginny plays a great evil Snow… I WAS TEEEENN!! 
1.) The Resolutions 
Emma figuring out Reginas hate was an antidote to the love of the ribbons was clever and a satisfying end to the ribbons.
The resolution of what was in the bottle was equally as satisfying. I really didn’t see this coming. Who knew Gerda kept those memories and would want everyone to get them back? Anna and Kristoff on the beach was so cute… I love you, your amazing, your unconscious!! 
Finally of course, the snow queens resolution. This had to be the best ending to a villain. Ingrid sacrificing herself for everyone after how evil she was, i cant even put into words, how amazing it was. Here at the end and knowing her whole story, shes definitely the best villain yet . This was such an amazing ending. Regina and Snowing laughing about Regina wearing the evil queen outfit was great. Rumple walking down the street putting on his coat to end the episode was just unnerving. Next week is going to be phenomenal!! 7/5 pet rocks
Chris Tipton