Episode 9 (WL) – Alice vs. Red Queen Redemption

(Wonderland S01E10) – The Jaberwock runs wild, while our heroes split up. Lizard’s still dead with her eyes in a cup. Those eyes tell the villains the queen has the bottle, taking their plans from slow to full throttle. Our heroes split up… Who’s advising these guys? Jabberwocky takes Queen and Will by surprise. Cyrus and Alice open the door to his past, then confront the well girl for the spell that she cast. By the end of the day their all at their weakest, due to the Red Queen’s Dirty Little Secrets. We are joined by listener Tim Peters.

A Wonderland promo shot! Don't think we've used one before.

A Wonderland promo shot! Don’t think we’ve used one before.

Show Notes

Ratings for “Dirty Little Secrets”

Preview for ‘Heart of the Matter’

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This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

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3 thoughts on “Episode 9 (WL) – Alice vs. Red Queen Redemption

  1. This weeks Episode was EPIC ^ ^ Always I called the whole Amarra and Cyrus connection early on way before the quote unquote BIG reveal.

  2. The line made by Nyx after she rises out of the water “who dares disturb my slumber” is also the line that the Cave of Wonders in the original Aladdin growls out when people approach it.

    Aladdin is my second favorite Disney movie so xD

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