Episode 7 (WL) – Alice vs the Cloudy Day

(Wonderland S01E08) -Alice gets hurt then gets help from a rabbit who’s husband has made troubling Alice a habit. He makes amends by taking her to her love, as a cloud from Jafar approaches from above. Bottles get traded, painted, and broken, and the head of a Tweedle makes a great token. The half-season is over, yet our heroes still roam… all in this week’s episode “Home”. We are joined by listener Annemarie Davelaar.

That cloud is Jafar away...

That cloud is Jafar away…

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Buy Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks
Buy Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks

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Pandora by Anne Rice

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One thought on “Episode 7 (WL) – Alice vs the Cloudy Day

  1. I was really late getting around to listening to this ep. But I’m glad I waited as it helps to break up the drought of the season hiatus. The topic of Cyrus’s compass reminds me of the compass in OUAT “Tallahassee.” I checked the screencaps, and they seem a little different in appearance, though, so I’m not sure if they’re meant to be the same magical item.

    I also found this list of OUAT & OUATW items very helpful: http://onceuponatime.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Items

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