Episode 4 (WL) – Alice vs. Creepy Alice

(Wonderland S01E04/S01E05) – The Queen makes Alice cross the Great Divide while Cyrus attempts to get out from inside. Jafar cuts the foot of our brave little rabbit, while we see Anastasia make ambition her habit. Our heroine faces off against a creepy young Alice, and does the right thing though her heart’s filled with Malice. And we see the Red Queen ascend to the throne in this week’s episode “Heart of Stone”. We’re joined by Deborah Kienzle (@snowbunnie143 on Twitter) and Rebecca Johnson from the Operation Cobra Podcast join us to discuss.

Deadlier and deadlier.

Deadlier and deadlier.

Show Notes

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Buy Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks
Buy Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks

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Pandora by Anne Rice

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