Episode 97 – The Emo Queen

(S04E05) – Regina is offloading her work to the Mirror. Sidney wants out, but he sort of still fears her. Emma and Elsa are looking for help, but Elsa runs off when she hears Anna yelp. Regina’s reception towards Emma is cold but out on the ice bridge a secret is told. The mirror? Assembled. Our heroes? Outclassed. The genie is free in this week’s “Breaking Glass”.

We’re joined by Amy P!

Colgate powers unite!

Colgate powers unite!

Show Notes

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Double-length episode

The Book of Records


This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Harry, a History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon By Melissa Anelli Narrated By Renée Raudman

The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life By Dr. Robin Zasio Narrated By Cassandra Campbell

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One thought on “Episode 97 – The Emo Queen

  1. Hi you guys. Just found this when I was searching random stuff instead of doing homework. I really like everything you said, especially since I hated this episode just as much as you did. I mean it was just all over the place. But I will continue to have hope for the writers and hope that Once Upon a Time gets back on track to what I have always loved about it.

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