Episode 92 – The First Spoiler Party in Forever

We’re covering the ONCE UPON A TIME Season 4 Premiere in Hollywood… from our studio. Join us as we jump in for a big spoiler party before #OnceUponATime’s 4th Season. We’re gonna let it go and build a snowman made of ONCE news and your questions. Oh, and we’re doing video now.

What happened? The last time I looked out there everything was CGI!

What happened? The last time I looked out there everything was CGI!

Show Notes

Episode Titles So Far…
Full Synopsis for Season 4
Once Upon A Time boss promises season 4 isn’t “just the #Frozen show”
Frozen hasn’t come out in the land without magic; Frozen characters won’t be related to anybody else
‘Once Upon a Time’ casts Frances O’Connor as Belle’s mom
Season 4 Q&A Hotseat
‘True Blood’ star Kristin Bauer van Straten returning to ‘Once Upon a Time’ for major arc
Once Upon a Time stuntwoman rolls with the punches
Promo Pics
The Jolly Roger needs our help!
Nonnie’s Spoiler Archive

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Buy DOGBOY: DEMON’S DARE by clicking here!

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

11-22-63: A Novel Written by: Stephen King Narrated by Craig Wasson

Frozen: Junior Novelization

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