Episode 88 – (S01E07) “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” Commentary

(S01E07) – Bill and Anne Marie sit down and rewatch the episode that sealed the fate of Sheriff Graham.  We point out things that make sense now while making fun of the stuff that has changed (we also become self-appointed Storybrooke fashion police). It’s just like sitting down and watching the episode with us!

You'd think with the whole wolf thing they'd talk more...

You’d think with the whole wolf thing they’d talk more…

Note: You will need a copy of the episode (DVD, iTunes, Netflix) to play along with this episode. We provide sync instructions before we start.

The awesome card @Anne_Anli sent us

The awesome card @Anne_Anli sent us

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

The Husband’s Secret Written by: Liane Moriarty Narrated by: Caroline Lee

Dogboy: Den of Thieves written by Bill Meeks Narrated by: Nathan Beatty

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One thought on “Episode 88 – (S01E07) “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” Commentary

  1. Great job guys. *passes round the tissues. sniffle* Thanks for making a bittersweet episode a little better. (I still don’t have closure though. poor Graham. )

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