Episode 83 – Wednesday Night Comicon Party

Bill and Anne Marie are back to talk about all the ONCE news from San Diego Comicon. We also have a special announcement about the podcast. Join us for an honest-to-goodness Comicon Party!

We're so serious!

We’re so serious!

Show Notes

We’re Parsec Awards Finalists!
Comicon Clip #1
Comicon Clip #2
Snow’s Skype Call From Set
Writer’s Room Sketch
Comicon Billboard
Full Panel
Highlights from Entertainment Outlook
Interview with Regina
Season 4 Episode Titles So Far
Olaf Will Not Be In Once Upon A Time Frozen Storyline
Rumbelle Interview
Season 4 Trailer
Interesting theory from Bleeding Cool
Two truths and a lie with ONCE cast members
Hans Cast
John Rhys-Davies cast in ONCE
Promo pic of Elsa and Kristoff
Arandal Wikipedia Entry

Buy DOGBOY: DEMON'S DARE by clicking here!

Buy DOGBOY: DEMON’S DARE by clicking here!

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

Harriet the Spy Written by: Louise Fitzhugh Narrated by Anne Bobby

The Forgotten Garden Written by: Kate Morton Narrated by: Caroline Lee

Dogboy: Den of Thieves Written by Bill Meeks Narrated by: Nathan Beatty

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One thought on “Episode 83 – Wednesday Night Comicon Party

  1. My Theories for season 4 are,

    Regular one: Henry has to deal with the craziness that’s happened in season 3. And other regular teenager issues. (and maybe there’s some magical mischief. Either on his part or around him ala Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice style)

    my Crazy One: Bae comes back as a Reindeer. (cause in the Original Snow Queen fairy tale that’s the name of the reindeer that helps the heroine.)

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