Episode 78 – The Power of Love (audio)

(S03E21E22) – Tell me, Rumple. Where are we going this time? Is it the forest from Once Upon a Time? Zelina’s portal is a curious thing. Makes you stop your mom from stealing a ring. The Captain Swan team breaks the timeline quite quick (of all of the moments the two could have picked!). The Dark One plays Doctor to their Marty McFlys in order to make true love seem a surprise. And we add a new tick to our Disney-themed tally, all in the epic ONCE season finale. We’re joined by Becca Canote, Elizabeth Plascencia, and Kari Turvey.

The Gold never bothered her anyway...

The Gold never bothered her anyway…

Show Notes

Ratings for the finale

Creators talk Frozen

ONCE Big for Cord Cutters

Jennifer Morrison on Nerdist

Shout out to Martine for her picture posts

Henry as Little Bill O’Reilly

NBC Cancels Revolution/Believe


This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

A Briefer History of Time By Stephen Hawking

Evening Class by Maeve Binchy, Narrated: Kate Binchy

Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier written by Bill Meeks Narrated by: Nathan Beatty

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