Episode 77 – Sister Witches

(S03E20) – Zelina gets chance after chance to turn good. Would they give her the chance if they thought that she could? Glenda in OZ needs a new sister, but when Dorothy swoops in she surmises she missed her. She’s melting! She’s melting! Only a fake out, inspired by a clandestine Sister Witch stakeout. Zelina gets the baby. Regina saves the day. Everybody comes out kind of okay… that is until Rumple strips the paint off his character canvas. All in this week’s episode “Kansas”.

Want to keep this seat warm for us?

Want to keep this seat warm for us?

Show Notes

Ratings for “Kansas” 

Good Breakdown of Promos (with links!)

Finale Pics

Fan Letters: Kansas

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:

Doctor Who: 11 Doctors, 11 stories By Various

The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection by L. Frank Baum

Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier written by Bill Meeks Narrated by: Nathan Beatty

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One thought on “Episode 77 – Sister Witches

  1. Hey Bill, example the monkey poofing and being ok, Walsh did it in New York City after Emma batted him off the room and he was fine in Storybrooke. 🙂 also yes AnneMarie it was a Horcrux and Zelenda went Voldy Misty. HP refences FOR THE WIN!.

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