Episode 75 – Pretty, Sneaky Sis

(S03E18) – Zelena sneeks up to pay Regina a visit. Our Wicked Witch has a mystery daddy… Who is it? Young Cora’s naive, so she’s easily convinced that one called a gardner could be called a prince. A séance in Storybrooke? Ain’t that the most? The gang gathers round to summon a ghost. Everybody finds out about Z’s wicked plan to turn back the clocks throughout all of the lands. No one can rest when the baby is due all in this week’s episode “Bleeding Through”.

Be still, your beating heart.

Be still, your beating heart.

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Baby Snowflake Pics!

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This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Fourth Bear: A Nursery Crime Written by: Jasper Fforde

Harriet the Spy By Louise Fitzhugh Narrated By Anne Bobby

Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier written by Bill Meeks Narrated by: Nathan Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Episode 75 – Pretty, Sneaky Sis

    • I’m kind of thinking at this point that Zelena is a mash-up of the Wicked Witch and Dorthy. She lives in a farmhouse, was raised by people who weren’t her parents, came to Oz in a twister, etc.

  1. This eps. was satisfactory, left some questions. Like, if two senseless, contumelious people create a baby, then a wickedly magical child.
    And the total opposite happens when two loving parents have a child. Then what happens if you have polor opposite parents you get a Henery. Just my point of view, but I did love that Regina is getting her groove back. I did like that Regina and Snow are friend-a-mies. Zelena needs a Hug, she should be mad at her selfish mother not Regina. It seem Zelena is a female version of Mr. Gold as far as their childhood is concerned. What do y’all think ☺️

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