Episode 74 – Land Pirates

(S03E17) – Ariel’s back and on the hunt for her prince. With Hook on her side victory seems a cinch. In the year gone he hurts and betrays her. Back in the present a charmed cloak only sprays her. Regina takes Emma to teach her some spells. Queen’s ready to put this savior through Hell. Zalina’s unmasked as the friendly mermaid, and she cast a curse to see Emma betrayed. Hook loves her so much that he mustn’t snog her, all in this week’s episode “Jolly Roger”.

How many highway miles does this thing get?

How many highway miles does this thing get?

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This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Blackbeard the Pirate King Written by: J. Patrick Lewis Narrated by: John McDonough

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Written by: Gregory Maguire Narrated by: John McDonough

Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier written by Bill Meeks Narrated by: Nathan Beatty

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One thought on “Episode 74 – Land Pirates

  1. About the stuff with Hook and Bae in Neverland. There’s no way to excuse what Hook did IMO. Bae was a lonely, scared, (justifiably) angry CHILD, who had no idea of the dangers of NL. Hook was an ADULT who knew very well the dangers of NL, and was in a position to help the child. Hook had a choice, he knew he did, he knew he was making the wrong one, but couldn’t give up his revenge quest, (and that was totally in character for him, so while I hate what he did to Bae, I’m not mad that they wrote Hook that way, and I enjoyed his angst over it, I actually enjoyed S2 Hook a lot, and I enjoyed him in “Jolly Roger” a fair bit because there were shades of S2 Hook that I’ve been missing). Hook let Bae believe that they were going to set him down somewhere and just let him off the boat. When the Lost Boys showed up, Bae was pissed that Hook had lied and he wasn’t actually letting him go at all, and Hook smugly replied that there would be nothing in it for him if he just let Bae go. Hook gave Bae to Pan because he was playing a game where he wanted the advantage for himself. Whenever people try to excuse Hook’s giving up of Bae, (and I’ve seen it often), it just smacks of victim blaming to me, and the victim is a child, and that just doesn’t sit well with me in any situation. If a child is upset, it’s the adult’s job to handle that in a mature way, and not just give the child away to a potentially life threatening situation.

    Something I realised about the stuff with Blackbeard is that is was actually VERY similar to what happened with Bae. With Bae, Hook had the choice to let the kid cool down, insist that he stay where he’d be safe, and maybe they could have hashed it out and resolved the issue and he could have given Bae that family they both wanted. With Blackbeard, Hook had the choice to keep him alive and make him talk, because really, he had the guy captive and could have got the info about Eric out of him AND kept his ship, (sidenote: he wouldn’t have even found the freaking ship in the first place if not for Ariel, so he OWED her, but still screwed her over). With Bae, Hook chose to kick him off the ship, into the waiting hands of Pan’s minions. With Blackbeard, Hook chose to kick him off the ship into the waiting jaws of the sharks. Once I’d realised how similar those situations are, it gave me some hope that the writers HAVEN’T forgotten what he did to Bae in NL after all.

    Ever since the death spoiler came out, I’d thought that the most logical choice was Hook, because they could send him out with a truly redemptive death. Back in the day, Bae told him that he would NEVER change, and you could tell that those words stung Hook, because deep down he WANTED to change, but he knew he probably wouldn’t, (we’ve all been there with bad habits we just can’t break, even though we know we could if we committed to it, but we just can’t commit to it). It would have been a beautiful moment if that story arc came full circle by Hook giving his life to this time PROTECT Neal, and finally proving the kid (and himself) wrong, proving that he COULD change, and regaining his good form in the process. (I’m not convinced that something like that still won’t happen. A&E said recently that there would be more death before the season is over. I also wonder if the timey wimey stuff they’re gonna mess with due to Zelena’s plans could potentially result in Neal being brought back if time essentially gets undone to some degree. So that moment of Hook giving his life for Neal’s is still a possibility IMO, perhaps a remote one, but I can’t rule it out.)

    Sorry, I know this is super rambly, just got one more comment on the Jolly Roger ep. If they’re gonna insist on having Emma fall for Hook, I hate that they made her start softening towards him based on lies he told. He got the invitation to dinner because Emma was impressed that he’d helped reunite Ariel and Eric, and he took credit for that, even though we know that the OPPOSITE is actually the truth. Part of me wonders if Emma and Regina actually cooked up a plan to use Hook’s affections for Emma to their advantage. Straight up asking him what he was hiding from the missing year wasn’t getting him to give up the info, so try a little reverse psychology with the “I don’t care what you’re not telling me from the missing year” and cosy up to him in the hopes he’ll end up coughing up the info would be a different tactic for them to try. In this ep we even had a blatant mention of how Emma and Regina previously teamed up to try and smoke out Zelena, (Regina recalling the stakeout in the Bug). And Regina clearly didn’t automatically believe Hook’s story about helping Ariel, because she insisted they check the mirror for proof. So I think they might be good cop/bad cop-ping him in order to find out what he knows. It’s the only explanation that makes Emma’s WOEFULLY OOC “I’m totes 100% over the past and don’t mind that you’re keeping stuff from me” comment make any kind of sense to me. If that moment from her was legit, then that’s just character assassination IMO because she did a COMPLETE 180 on a major trait of her character in the matter of a couple of hours, and that’s just ridiculous if it’s how she honestly feels.

    Phee(eeee ;-))

    PS. Loved the Google Hangout session!

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