Episode 72 – The OZ

(S03E16) – A twister! A twister! Zelina in Oz. Her powers give her new parents some pause. The Wizard is waiting with her silver slippers. She leaves to find Rumple who’s suddenly chipper. In Storybrooke now she’s baiting Regina (Main Street at sundown her chosen arena). Her sister’s heart is what she is after, the absence of which sounds Regina’s laughter. She’s changing the past… at least that’s what we glean… in this week’s new episode “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.

Nice curtain, Wiz.

Nice curtain, Wiz.

Show Notes

Ratings for “It’s Not Easy Being Green” 

Monkey-Themed “Good Morning, Storybrooke”

Promo for “The Jolly Roger”

Doctor Who Scarf in Episode 16

Hope’s Blog Post

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Written by: Gregory Maguire Narrated by: John McDonough

Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier

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4 thoughts on “Episode 72 – The OZ

  1. You discussed that their a rule about changing the past, but in season 1 Regina was able to get the apple from the past Enchanted Storybrooke with the help of Jefferson and his hat. Other than that I thought you guys did a great job.

    • If I remember correctly they had some in-episode loophole where she hadn’t really changed the past because she’s always gotten the apple.

  2. It bugs me that they’ve attempted to whitewash Hook so much that even people who watch the show intently have forgotten what his and Bae’s ACTUAL history involved. Yes there were happy, bonding, sailing and navigation lessons. But there was also Hook lying to Bae to get info about how to kill his dad, and then selling him out to Pan, handing him right over to the Lost Boys. They have an emotionally complex history, good AND bad, but the bad stuff Hook did has been swept under the rug. At ComicCon, before S3 started, Colin and MRJ said in their interviews that they were really looking forward to finally working together, because their characters have this tricky history, and we didn’t end up getting any of it. They COULD have had Hook apologise for having sold him out in that scene at the hospital in the previous ep, which would show that he’s grown enough to accept responsibility for it, and that in turn would indicate that he’s trying to help Henry as a means of making up for how he screwed over his father. It would have allowed for some emotional depth and progress for Hook, which I really would have enjoyed seeing. But instead they want us to believe that Hook and Bae were always buddies, so awwww isn’t it sweet that he’s now looking after Henry too. Which…no. (Not singling out this podcast with my little rant BTW, I’m seeing the same thing EVERYWHERE of people just buying the whitewashing of Hook and thinking that he’s acceptable babysitter (or step father) material, when the last time he babysat a kid, the kid ended up in the hands of a “bloody demon”, and that hasn’t been addressed on the show at all since it happened.)

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