Episode 70 – Twilight of the Shipping Wars

(S03E15) – The hunt for the witch is right where it started. The Witch is concerned now that Rumple’s departed. Neal shows his face, then the face of his father. Rumple gives Emma the witch’s name (Oh, bother). In the lost year: Belle and Neal raise the dead, a deed Neal pays for with his head. ONCEers in mourning, the shipping wars were unkind… all in this week’s episode “Quiet Minds”.

Don't let Henry become a pirate

Show Notes

Ratings for “Quiet Minds” 

Michael Socha set to join ‘Once Upon a Time’ as series regular

Neil responds to fan speculation on Twitter

Wicked Witch Watch


Promo for “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Written by: Mark Twain Narrated by: Wil Wheaton

Beauty and the Beast

Dogboy: Danger on Liberty Pier

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7 thoughts on “Episode 70 – Twilight of the Shipping Wars

  1. did not like WL in any way shape or form.. did not like the plot / the characters / actors or actresses… I think they will ruin ONCE if they try to bring the characters over from the failed show.


  2. I don’t know, Nonnie. I think bringing Will over would make for an excellent dvd extra: Granny, Grumpy, and Will as the snarkiest of judges on a Storybrooke-centric dance show competition.

    • She was having some congestion issues last night, and we did go a bit long. I’ll pour a gallon of coffee down her throat before the next one 🙂


  3. Many things about this episode make me ragey, but nothing makes me drink the Haterade more than Neal’s dying words to Rumple, (seriously, I start chugging ALL the Haterade over this). Neal says that Rumple finally taught him the meaning of selfless sacrifice. So I guess that time when as a child, Bae was willing to leave the only world he’d ever known, just to try and save his father’s soul…that never happened. When Bae gave himself over to the Shadow so it wouldn’t take the Darling boys…that never happened. When Neal let go of Emma’s hand over the portal at the end of season 2, knowing he’d likely die, and he sacrificed himself so that Henry wouldn’t lose both of his bio parents at the same time…that never happened. They retconned his whole character, eliminated his strength, when they made him say that line to Rumple. Nealfire got assassinated in more ways than one in this episode. He LIVED as a hero, there was absolutely no need to make him DIE as one to prove his character in any way.

    In 311, Rumple said that Neal COULD find a happy ending. Also in 311, Neal told Emma and Henry that he would see BOTH of them again, then he never saw Henry. Neal’s promo poster at the start of the season had the tagline “believe in second chances.” Neal dying pretty much negates the spirit of hope in the show for me. I’m still sticking it out for the rest of the season, but honestly I’m just not really feeling it any more, because if the selfless guy with the good heart, who isn’t perfect but was willing to make up for his mistakes and just wanted the girl he loves to be happy even if it’s not with him, just gets an out of character death in the end, I just can’t keep the faith that the show has an overall positive message to believe in any more. *sad sigh*

    PS. Regarding the Wonderland finale and how it could potentially impact the parent show. Don’t know if you noticed, but the gazebo that Philip and Aurora were having their picnic at in 312 was a Well of Wonders. That episode and the Wonderland episode where we saw the Well aired within a week of each other, Ana said that there’s a Well in every land, and then they used exactly the same prop on OUAT, only difference was the floor was boarded up. Especially after that Wonderland finale, regardless of what has been said in interviews with the writers, right now my cynical mindset is that I’ll only believe that Neal won’t be brought back if and when we get to the end of the finale and no one else has died instead. Seems they’ve set up the perfect potential loophole with this Well business. Ana’s dying words to Will were almost verbatim what Neal said to Emma, about finding happiness with someone even if it couldn’t be with him/her, which is another little thing that’s stuck in my head and makes me wonder if Neal won’t eventually get a similar season’s end to the one that Ana got.

    Hopefully the show will be able to redeem itself in my eyes, I guess we shall soon see. Sorry for the rant, still love your podcast, even if the show itself is incredibly “meh” to me right now.

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