Episode 68 – Call the Midwife

(S03E14) – Charming gets spooked in the year that we lost. Having a baby always comes with a cost. Snow gets a midwife in Storybrooke now, but Charming’s scared of his double (and how!). Rumple’s still penned up and crazy as nails, spinning his wheels in his storm shelter jail. Courage is claimed with a root stole from Belle, the same one taken by the freaked Rapunzel. The Wicked Witch has plans to bolster her power, in this week’s spanking new episode “The Tower”.



Show Notes

Ratings for “The Tower” 

Cut scene with Henry and the book?

ABC announces spring finale dates for ‘Scandal’, ‘Once Upon a Time,’ more

Once Upon a Time’s Lana Parrilla Debunks Big Theory, Teases Wickedness Ahead

Promo for “The Tower”

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Wizard of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure By S.D. Stuart, Steve DeWinter

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