Episode 66 – 1-800-ROBINHOOD

(S03E13) – Everyone’s back in Storybrooke now. They remember when, they just aren’t sure how. Swan and Regina cook up a ruse, one which they hope will tell them who’s cast the new curse and returned them to Earth. Zelina’s going to help Snow give birth. Is the witch the queen’s sister? Or is it a clever front? Give Rumple some food, and enjoy this “Witch Hunt”. PLUS… somebody wins some Wicked Tea by entering our contest!

Moments before they were struck down by Barney.

Moments before they were struck down by Barney.

Show Notes

Wicked Tea from Anthony

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This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (Narrated by Paul Newman)

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs  by Chuck Klosterman

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One thought on “Episode 66 – 1-800-ROBINHOOD

  1. BASED on a spoiler here is a theory I am thinking might have some weight

    I have a newer theory based on SPOILERS…. PRINCE LEOPOLD has been cast as a younger man…. I am thinking that Leopold met up with CORA before CORA met RUMPLE / PRINCE HENRY …. the mean King. LEOPOLD was a love em and leave him type as a young man…. hooked up with Cora left her pregnant and then abandon her…. she ended up giving her baby up.

    THAT was why WWW is trying to get SNOW’s baby….. she also wants to punish her half sister from her father. She was abandon by both parents and that is why she is so angry.

    I also think that the reason WWW brought everyone to STORYBROOKE is she was loosing the battle to REGINA and the EF crowd ( SNOW ET ALL.) while in EF so she transferred everyone to try again to win ever REGINA and make her miserable. This time she is planning her evil deals behind subterfuge and made everyone forget who she was…..

    As always this theory is evolving and is probably way off base …. but that is the fun of ONCE UPON A TIME….

    I posted this on DANIEL’s forum but thought I would share it with you …



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