Episode 58 – Mid-Season Loosey-Goosey

(Season 3 Part 1) – Tonight’s episode is without rhyme or reason. We’re talking with folks about ONCE’s half-season. We’ll talk about Pan and his self-obsessed stories, and analyze Emma’s plate of new worries. We have a lot of feedback from people who listen, some of them wrecked and wracked with contrition. In this episode we’ll pick up the slack whilst we wait for ONCE to finally come back. We’re joined by Debby Deb Deb Deb Deborah Kienzle (@snowbunnie143 on Twitter) and Jason George.



Show Notes

not a day will go by that I don’t think of you | hook & emma [3×11] (Captain Swan supercut via Chris Tipton)

Spoiler pic?

New promo for the next half-season

Buy Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks
Buy Dogboy: Den of Thieves by Bill Meeks

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Doctor Who: Nothing O’Clock: Eleventh Doctor: 50th Anniversary by Neil Gaiman

Shopgirl by Steve Martin

Bossypants by Tina Fey

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One thought on “Episode 58 – Mid-Season Loosey-Goosey

  1. Some thoughts on the first half finale, on parallels w/ the song played. Lou Reed’s “Charley’s Girl” is playing in episode 2×1, right when Neal is about to be reminded of who he is…by the “broken” postcard from Storybrooke. The song ends abruptly when he drops his iPod out the window trying to close it. The pigeon drops him the postcard…and Neal specifically chooses NOT to go after Emma.

    Cut to end of 3×11-“Charley’s Girl” playing on the radio…and Hook finally FINDS Emma. Nice little juxtaposition there writers…

    And nice little touch of Henry saying “…you forgot something…” clever writers, clever!

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