#5 – Princess Quota

(S02E05) Regina sees a shrink, but it’s a different doctor who turns her on her head. Yes, a man from another land seeks to raise the dead. And in the enchanted forest Snow & Emma learn to trust a villain, or at least tolerate him. Oh, and did we mention the undead monster? Secrets are revealed and there’s an awful lot of training in this week’s spooky episode ‘The Doctor’.

Too Many Princesses

Too Many Princesses

Show Notes

Weekly ratings report – http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/10/29/abcs-americas-funniest-home-videos-hits-season-highs-and-once-upon-a-time-is-up-for-the-second-straight-week/155075/

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SPOILER Image from “Tallahassee’ –  http://imgur.com/r419d.jpg

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