Episode 46 – Of Mermaids and Men

(S03E06) – The Little Mermaid saves Snow from the Queen’s men. Hook shows the team where Neal has been. Rumple and Regina hatch a plan to #SaveHenry, and we find out that Belle is just Pan being creepy. Everybody tells secrets to save Baelfire’s bacon, and the fate of Swanfire is finally shaken. Are Rumple and Pan doomed to a burial? Find out in this week’s new episode ‘Ariel’.

Which way did he go, Snow? Which way did he go?

Which way did he go, Snow? Which way did he go?

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This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss by Melody Malone

The Little Mermaid: Classic Fairy Tales for Children

Ashley’s Fanfic “Double the Trouble”
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9 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Of Mermaids and Men

  1. Just a little history, the Brothers Grimm were Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, German professors who were best known for publishing collections of authentic folk tales and fairy tales, and for their work in linguistics.

    Who wrote the book that Henry had/has about the fairy tales from Enchanted forest?
    I think it is Pan or Rump or maybe both.

    Just because if you read the history of the Grimm brothers, they are 13 months apart in age, very close, their fortune lost after the death of their father, and at one point of time one brother took care of the other ( it would explain how pan knew rumps favorite dish).

    What if Pan and Rump wrote Wonderland, Enchanted forest, etc. in Neverland together to escape from something or someone, And it became real, then Rump departed and went his on way leaving Peter Pan alone on Neverland.

    In a since from Nasty Habits
    Peter Pan plays the pipe piper, Peter Pan and Rump are having a discussion;
    Peter Pan- it gets lonely in Neverland the only children I can visit are in there dreams. We know, they can’t stay.
    Rump replies – you are here for Bay.
    Peter Pan says -yes, I am. Pan’s facial expressions look like he had a vendetta on Rump.

    Just want to know what you think, plz don’t read on your pod cast but reply with your thoughts

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    God bless you
    Patrina M. Jones

    • I love this theory. Sounds VERY plausible if would finally tie up the loose end of the book. And maybe somehow maybe Rumple made sure it would fall into Henry’s hands to help bring Emma to Storybrookw? Are you sure we can’t bring this up on the show? I love it.


  2. Ep: nasty habit One more thing, Rump says You can only beet Pan if you’re willing to die.
    So, I don’t think if Pan dies Rump dies.
    Love your show- “Go caffeine!”

  3. I just Squee/squeaked when I saw the show notes. Thanks for the mention guys ^ ^ and love the theory Patrina and yes Go Caffeine! though my preferred beverage for such is the occasion Pepsi or Cola. I think Blue had a hand in the book as well. After all she’s been around long enough and has her fairies etc. To get various info if need be and she’s connected to the Blue star. So she watches over things.

  4. My problem with Neal is that he hadn’t seen Emma in 11 yrs (after he let her go to prison). He was engaged to another woman and too cowardly to go to Storybrooke after the curse was broken. Now all of a sudden, his fiancee plays him for a fool and he remembers how much he actually loves Emma? No, dude. Let it go. Be there for Henry, but leave Captain Swan alone.

  5. How can mermaids travel between lands?
    Ask August:
    August W. Booth: Water is a very powerful thing. Cultures as old as time have worshiped it. It flows throughout all lands, connecting the entire world. If anything had mystical properties, if anything had magic… well, I’d say it’d be water.
    –What Happened to Frederick

  6. I’m still waiting for Dumbo to fly Alice to the Enchanted Forest. With the crow singing, “I never seen an elephant fly.”

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