Episode 45 – Letters From Storybrooke #1

Bill and Anne Marie sit down after a late Halloween party to respond to ALL of the listener feedback cluttering up our Gmail account. Listen as we declare INBOX ZERO on a very special Greeetings From Storybrooke… written by YOU, the listeners.

Your hosts may resemble these images.

Your hosts may resemble these images.

Show Notes

Did ABC botch ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’? A discussion

SEASON 3: continous SPOILER LIST by Nonnie

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One thought on “Episode 45 – Letters From Storybrooke #1

  1. Hey guys 😀 great esp. and I’am also a big doctor who fan. I’d love to hear an episode about the Day of the Doctor. I’ve got a fanfic that’s an AU around Snow Falls in Season one and crosses over with the Marvel Universe (with some cameos of others later one and in chapters to come . ^ ^ ) here’s a link:http://narniangriff23.deviantart.com/art/Double-the-Trouble-265501249

    Cheers, and GO TEAM ANNEMARIE! *fistpump* and *hugs* love ya too Bill. 🙂

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