Episode 42 – Gotta Have Faith

(S03E04) – We find out that Pan knew the Dark one beforehand, then they had a fight and Pan went to Neverland. Emma and family look for a way out, luckily Neil leaves some coconuts about. A father and son steal some squid ink and dab it, but nothing saves Henry in this week’s “Nasty Habits”.

Sup, Bro?

Sup, Bro?

Show Notes

Ratings for “Nasty Habits”

Preview for Episode 3×05

Marilyn Manson Set To Join ‘Once Upon A Time’

Once Upon a Time Casts Rumplestiltskin’s Father

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6 Joseph Cambell/Bill Moyers

Once Upon a Time Tales by Wallace C Wadsworth

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One thought on “Episode 42 – Gotta Have Faith

  1. Hey ya’ll 😀 great episode and I have to agree with Anne Marie on oh most everything. Especially the ‘Fever dream’ I figured the Dreamshade is probably messing with him Mentally as well as Physically rather like how Pan (and sometimes Rumple) is with everybody.

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