Episode 40 – The Hobo Connection

(S03E03) – Pan tries to make Henry change all his stances, while everybody else tries to take second chances. Tinkerbell finds Regina’s true love faire, but Regina runs off ‘cause Regina is scared. Neil calls in a favor to go find his son, and the savior we know is not the right one. A check-in on Prince Charming? He’ll soon be buried in the episode after “Quite a Common Fairy”.

Look. There is a hobo in the background.

Look. There is a hobo in the background.

Show Notes

Ratings for “Quite a Common Fairy”

Preview for Episode 3×04

NYCC Panel

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle

Disney Fairies Series: The Trouble with Tink

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3 thoughts on “Episode 40 – The Hobo Connection

  1. Ruby slippers were referenced vaguely in “The Doctor”.

    “The Mad Hatter/Jefferson arrives shows off a crystal ball that Rumplestiltskin has requested. Rumplestiltskin, however, had told the Mad Hatter that he actually needs “the slippers” to enter a realm with no magic.”

  2. FYI: Henry is NOT 12. During one of Jennifer Morrison’s interview during NY Comic Con 2013, she said that there hasn’t been a year since Henry arrived in Boston and finds Emma so that means Henry is only (still) about 10 or 11.

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