Episode 37 – Orphan Stuff

(S03E02) – All of our favorites are searching for Pan, while Rumple is off in his own Rumple land. A map Emma’s given, her true self will show it (that is if Regina’s magic don’t blow it). Charming tricks Snow with a smidgen of lying. Joke’s really on him because now he is dying. Pan’s plan for the clan continue to unfurl in this week’s thrilling episode “Lost Girl”.

Killing your parents will make me soooooo happy...

Killing your parents will make me soooooo happy…

Show Notes

Ratings for “Lost Girl”

Preview for Episode 3×03

‘Once Upon’ promo blunder: Snow White’s magic crotch!

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Contained Magic, A Mystery Man for Regina and More!

Greetings From Storybrooke: YOUR Favorite Moments from “Heart of The Truest Believer” & Contest Winners!

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Alice in Wonderland (narrated by Sally Field)


Confessions of a Shopaholic

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2 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Orphan Stuff

  1. Ok, so what if Peter Pan and Rumple both used to be lost boys long ago (when he was a child, pre-dark one). They could have been friends, then Rumple escaped (while leaving the doll in Neverland) and left Peter behind, which really pissed pan off and started their rivalry.

  2. building on the theory that Pan is just a lost boy that rose to the top, maybe he needs Henry’s heart because he is still trying to find his way out of Neverland and can use a pure heart in some magical way to escape. When he told Henry that he isn’t the first boy that thought his parents were coming to get him, maybe he was refering to the fact that once upon a time…Pan thought his parents were coming as well.

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