Episode 32 (Video) – Once Upon It’s 2nd Season Fan Panel Live from Dragon Con 2013

Bill joins Once Upon A Time fans throughout the realm to discuss Season 2… and beyond! We talk favorite moments, storylines, “ships,” and more! Recorded live at Dragon Con 2013. Big thanks to Rebecca at Operation Cobra Cast for providing us with the recording.

Bill & our fan Hope on the panel

Bill & our fan Hope on the panel

3 thoughts on “Episode 32 (Video) – Once Upon It’s 2nd Season Fan Panel Live from Dragon Con 2013

  1. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed the commentary (just went on a opat Netflix binge)

    The writers could have done more in the second season with regards to the charming family dialogue. It is still awkard between (at least I think it is) Emma and her parents. Perhaps season 3 explore that. Maybe even explore the idea of that castle they own being renovated? I dunno

    Also more comedic scenes are needed. A pirate in New York City? Hah

  2. As one of the few, if not only guy who watch this series… may I suggest a hint at realism?

    challenge to the readers/viewers! Challenge to the writers!

    I would like to see Bruce Campbell somehow incorporated into this show. Tough challenge!!

    Just a dream of what I looked up on Wikipedia called fan-fiction I guess…

    (BTW after thinking about the “magic world” where are the toilets? really… that would be funny to explain that!

  3. Last post!

    Perhaps when we get older, we loose a method of connecting the dots. Not all. But a bit. Examples given would be the bible, the Quran.

    We still try to understand these ideas…connect the dots.

    This show tries, but fails (nothing bad about this show) to connect the dots. Let realism flow i say! Let realism be the heart that keeps free men free!

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