Episode 3 – How To Be A Parent

(S02E03) Emma and Snow try to find a way home in the wreckage of the enchanted forest as they butt heads with Cora, the sorceress supreme. Henry learns about Regina’s vault and Charming learns why you should always include Henry in your epic quests. Plus, we get to see the Mad Hatter finally reunite with his long lost daughter. This week, it’s all about family.


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Doctor Whale’s True Identity: Peter Pan or Jack?

Letter from Wynn Mercere

Hi Bill and Anne Marie –

You really characterized this episode rightly as an “info dump.” This structure didn’t rivet or entertain me as much as the debut episode of S2. I felt it was a little too “all over the place” and that there were several unnecessary filler scenes (like going back to see the dwarves push Sleepy over the line) that didn’t tell us anything new. But there was indeed a lot going on which stimulated odd thoughts, such as wondering what insurance company will be eating a loss on all the cars wrecked in Hurricane Wraith.

The two standout bits in this episode were hilarious to me. First, Jefferson ditching Charming. Note to the earnest yet thick Price Charming: you can’t have an intense, controlled conversation with a crazy person. Second, Dr. Whale’s “where the women at?” comment about the nuns was such a contrast to the concerns of the rest of the townspeople in the wake of magic’s return. I really don’t think he is Dr. Frankenstein, because that character was never very interested in the ladies. The Peter Pan theory makes much more sense when you look at the doctor’s character. He has the skill, and the arrogance, of Peter, and an interest in lots of females just as Peter had his eye on Wendy/Tinkerbell/Indian princess Tiger Lily/and the Neverland Mermaids. Two notable points about Peter are that he needs fairy dust to fly (which Grumpy and co. are now off mining?) and that he is a character who has always had the ability to visit the “real” world, as in his visits to Wendy’s home in London. Plus, we know that Charming is “not his prince.” With Captain Hook on his way into the plotline, Whale being Peter makes even more sense.

I also enjoyed hearing your preferences on what other universes (OZ, Mother Goose) you’d like to see incorporated into the plotline. Personally, I’d love to see characters from Hans Christian Anderson’s tales. Many of them have more tragic endings that more familiar fairy tale characters — I’m thinking in particular of The Steadfast Tin Soldier or The Little Match Girl – and it might be interesting for the writers to explore that type of “doomed'” vibe.

And speaking of the Marvel Universe, I think Doctor Strange “Sorcerer Supreme” could easily smack down any magic user in the Storybrooke world without even leaving his Sanctum Santorum, unless Mr. Gold already has the Eye of Agamotto on a shelf in his shop. He could easily dispatch any wraiths, ogres, etc. Maybe he should replace Emma as sheriff.

~ Wynn Mercere

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