Episode 26 – Lost Boy

(S02E22) – Storybrooke shakes when the trigger is hit. The Storybrooke stranger is the one who did it. Belle’s memory comes back thanks to a blue potion, and her goodbye to Rumple is filled with emotion. The whole cast sails off. Hook helps without warning in this week’s episode Straight on Till Morning. Plus our contest winner!

I know who you are...

I know who you are…

Show Notes

Say Goodbye To Once Upon a Time’s ‘Ruby’ Red Riding Hood, Meghan Ory

‘Once Upon a Time’ to crossover with ‘Wonderland’ spin-off

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Trailer Takes Us Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Oliver Twist (Dramatised)

One thought on “Episode 26 – Lost Boy

  1. Once is staying on Sundays.

    The Red Queen and The Queen of Hearts are 2 different characters.

    Bae wouldn’t have powers because Rumpel became the Dark One way after Bae was born.

    The blond kid was Felix, not Peter. According to Eddy & Adam.

    When Cora died, the knife fell to the floor. Gold probably has it.

    Neal landed at the Safe Haven that Philip and Mulan and fake Lancelot set up.

    I think Henry is Peter Pan.

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