Episode 25 – Never Neverland

(S02E21) – Regina is missing. The Charmings are scared. The Queen’s getting tortured. She’s a little impaired. Greg and Tamara are working for someone, and the treasure Greg finds isn’t a fun one. A shadow takes Bae on a magical flight, all in this week’s episode Second Star to the Right.

This show got dark...

This show got dark…

Show Notes

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Regina Takes Over Fantasyland

Once Upon a Time’s Lana Parrilla: Engaged to Fred Di Blasio!

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
Peter and Max: A Fables Novel
Peter Pan as read by Tim Curry

4 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Never Neverland

  1. Enjoyed this episode! Props to Ann Marie for watching “Passions” back in the day. Now for my crazy theory – what if the creepy shadow thing is some extension of The Dark One — a device of Rumple’s to drag Bae back into a magical pocket of the world where he can be stashed until Rumple figures out how to retrieve him for good?

  2. I love hearing when I’m wrong, because then I know how not to sound dumb. You guys were right when saying that Killian had his hook. Therefore at the end of the episode, it was after the events of “The Crocodile.” Thank you for reading my feedback on the show.

    I listened to this episode because I know not to say “Gus Gus!”

    Great episode guys! Though, I actually wish it was longer like your normal episodes. Unlike past episodes, you really didn’t get into the meat of the plot or characters. I wouldn’t mind you guys going back to a 60 minute format (or even longer, but hey, my specials are usually 2-3 hours). Love your show! Keep it up!

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