Episode 24 – Regina’s Beans

(S02E20) – Greg and Tamara are out to kill magic. Snow gets through to Queeny but the ending is tragic. Emma and Henry start a new operation, and the beans are burned down at the secret plantation. Storybrooke is in danger and Malificent’s seen, all in this week’s episode The Evil Queen.

Somebody needs a facial

Somebody needs a facial

Show Notes

CONTEST: Win a FREE Dig­i­tal copy of Reawak­ened: A Once Up­on A Time Nov­el

Ratings for “The Evil Queen”

‘Once Upon A Time’ EPs on science vs magic debate & what they’d go back & change

Once Upon a Time Stars Talk Season Finale

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5 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Regina’s Beans

  1. Hi if you didn’t get my voicemail asking me call in to correct my name I try again but I wanted to tell you my theory about Rumple what if Rumple foreseen that science can counteract with magic and that the reason Rumple wanted to know everything that Dr. Whale knew and not just to trick Regina into becoming evil that my theory looking forward to your next podcast thanks

  2. Trying to catch up the episodes, but even listening to your shows will not stop me from loving the show!

    So, my favorite part of the episode is YOU GUYS!

  3. Regina’s Beans – I really agree with Ann Marie’s comment about Regina’s talk with Henry being odd. I too thought Regina’s reveal of the “evil plan” was for the audience. In light of her being so dastardly, I was also worried that she was going to poison the birdseed in Henry’s feeders.

    She does need a pet, but one whose welfare we don’t really care about. I suggest she leave some cheese out for Smee.

  4. Hey, I’m hoping this is the right place I was supposed to comment to enter the contest. Anyways I loved what you guys said about Hook and Malificent, I also wondered how Hook got past Regina and did all that so quickly. I agree that the top level couldn’t really be that big. I also really appreciate that you guys like Hook, so many people hate him and I love listening to fellow Hookers. Love the podcast! It’s brilliant.

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