Episode 18 – Fractured Family Tales

(S02E14) – Cora and Regina go after a dagger. Rumple’s normal but still has swagger. Bae is found by Emma, he’s bothered, especially when he learns of the boy that he fathered. Pre-”Dark One” Rumple is no General Patton… all in this week’s episode Manhattan.

Henry is very disappointed in you...

Henry is very disappointed in you…

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SPOILERS Canadian Trailer for The Queen is DEAD

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“One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley” by @heathertraska

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4 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Fractured Family Tales

  1. As you mentioned in this episode, it would be fantastic if Bill can interview any OUAT stars who are Dragon*Con guests. Bill, do you have a wishlist of actors from the show that you’d like to interview?

  2. Hey all!
    I was thinking the line Neil says, about seeing what Rumple does to people who breaks deals was referring to Hook. Since we haven’t really been shown a deal that Bae has seen broken, I’m thinking that he was talking about seeing that Rumple had cut off his hand.
    I also think that the Henry will be Rumple’s undoing may be referring to the fact that because of him Regina and Cora (though her motives are questionable) are hunting for the dagger to control him. I also think however that Rumple may THINK that this means something different than it is so possibly may try to kill him.
    Love the podcast and look forward to hearing from you guys every week 🙂 (better late than never!).

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