Episode 17 – Jack & Jerk

(S02E13) – Anton the giant runs away. Rumple confronts the TSA. James takes something shiny from the giant (who’s whiny) in this week’s new episode Tiny.

Oh. Snap.

Oh. Snap.

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One thought on “Episode 17 – Jack & Jerk

  1. Hey guys!
    Jefferson’s daughter was named Grace, and her Storybrooke name was Paige.

    As for Charming’s name, I thought that David made sense, as Regina could have named him David, as a way of insulting him, taking away his royalty and giving him back his shepherd identity. Either that or she didn’t bother giving him a new identity because she didn’t expect him to wake up from his coma, so he didn’t need one.

    As for Jack, you guys have theorized previously that Regina could have had a sibling that Cora had to give up. After hearing the wonderland references in this episode, I was wondering if Jack could have been this sibling?

    Love the podcast!

    P.S. It is the same Stacey

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