#144 – Emma’s Etsy Shop

(S05E05) – Henry is dizzy with Violet (his crush). Her friend zone rejection turns his young heart to mush. But who squeezes Violet’s? Hint: It’s his mother, a secret Mom 2 is hyped to uncover. Merlin’s past with the Dark One is revealed. Will his broken heart ever be healed? Merida trains Rumple. Will he land on a stretcher? The Gray One arises in this week’s “Dreamcatcher”.

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One thought on “#144 – Emma’s Etsy Shop

  1. We’re led by the promo to think that Merida may be the bear. However, what if it’s another character?

    If we’re going to look up what the name “Arthur” means, we will learn that it means “bear” or “bear-like.” I’m theorizing that Arthur is the bear, and he is Mordu from the Brave film, which would explain why Merida refers to him as her enemy.

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