Episode 14 – More Math

(S02E12) – A stranger lies in a bed, dying. Dr. Whale fails, but he’s always trying. Regina reunites with her mother, in this week’s episode In The Name of the Brother.

That is going to take forever to count...

That is going to take forever to count…

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Exclusive Once Upon a Time First Look: Snow White’s Mother Comes to Fairy Tale Land

Hear Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy/Archie) answer fan questions LIVE on January 24, 2013

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6 thoughts on “Episode 14 – More Math

  1. Regarding the internet in Storybrooke. In the pilot, it showed that Henry had a computer and found Emma through a website. She had her key thing to break into his passwords. Also the sheriff’s station has a computer.

  2. Enjoyed today’s shows very much! You have quickly become one of my favorite podcasts of the week and I find myself thinking about what you guys are going the think of the episode as I watch it.

    A lot did happen this week. I agree that the globe did not look like New York but that is what the buzz is, that they are going to Manhattan, hence the upcoming episode “Manhattan”. Gold must be taking Emma because she used to find people for a living. Loved the preview of Gold going through security at the airport.

    So sad for little Chip and that he is shattered…still not sure what Belle’s memory is going to be now since she was locked away during the curse. As an aside, you mentioned what happened Genie/Glass and he is locked up in the basement where Belle used to be. You see his name on the room next door when the Mad Hatter breaks Belle out at the end of season one…or he is in a world without power now if you prefer.

    I’ve been listening to the podcast by the creators of Once and they said that Regina is going through a change because she too was under the curse, but in a different way, she couldn’t feel love or had a “hole” in her heart but now that the curse is broken, she can feel love and hence the change. I thought that was pretty interesting because you think of Regina being immune to the curse. They also insist that Gold didn’t know who he was until Emma came back and said her name and that was transmitted in the look on Gold’s face but that is stretching it if you ask me!! We are also going to find out what was in August’s box that he showed Neil in “Tallahassee” to get him to leave Emma(and you have to watch that episode again and give it a chance. It was really good and explained so much about Emma and I bet there was a lot in it that we will look back on and go aha about)

    I’m mulling over in my head the last several days what it means to have Frankenstein in Storybrooke even though he is not in Henry’s book. Was he visiting the enchanted forest when the curse hit or are there other worlds that get affected by the curse? If it is the latter then that leaves the door open to more characters than what we have seen so far coming in at a later date…maybe a robot or a wookie 😀 I love the idea of a Whale/Ruby coupling. I thought that Gold reached out to him as just another way to make Regina mad and lead her one more step closer to the curse. Now I’m wondering if there was more to it.

    I saw the pictures of Rena Sofer as Snow’s mom. Still don’t like the casting of Rena. She is not a good actress and I still think of her as the trashy Jersey girl on General Hosptial(snooki before there was a snooki) so she just doesn’t seem like Queen material. Thankfully I know going into it that she is going to die so I will suffer through. I will have an open mind, kind of, and maybe she will rise above my expectations.

    Looking forward to the re-watch of past episodes. Maybe save the bulk of them for summer so we don’t have to do without you guys all summer long!!!

    Glad you are feeling better. It seemed like everyone in the universe was sick in January, including me!!

    • Thanks so much for the kind note. We’ll be sure to read it on the next episode. On a personal note I was having a bad day and this slapped a smile on my face for the rest of the night. You rock!

  3. I believe in “Stable Boy” Daniel mentions that Cora was a miller’s daughter, so I’m also thinking we’re gonna see the actual Rumplestiltskin story.

    As well, in terms of Emma not being able to tell if Greg was lying, what if she knew but SHE lied? Seeing as Grumpy and everyone were considering letting him die and such.
    Love the podcast!

  4. Hi I was just thinking today and came up with two theories the first is about Greg it might be stupid what if Greg is a grown up Peter Pan and the her is Tinker Bell I’m saying this what if when Regina enact the curse Peter Pan and Tinker Bell was in our world with Wendy and when they try to go back to their land and they couldn’t because the curse block their way and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell grew up in our world and as they grew they forgot who they were and Greg decide to visit different places and when he got to Maine he felt a connection but didn’t know why maybe because he sense magic just like when the Blue Fairy and Cora could since magic came to Storybrooke. My other theory is about Neal I do think he going to turn out to be Rumple son but the writers might don’t go that route what if Neal is Peter the rabbit and not Peter Pan. I hope I get to hear what you think of my theories. Thank you

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