Episode 123 – Stupid Stupid Stupid Charmings

(S04E21) – Rumple’s heart is black, not dark pink. The one way to fix it involves Author’s ink. The bottle they have? Turns out it’s a dud. In order to use it they’ll need dark Savior blood. Cora returns on the day she killed Daniel to find Regina’s true love (it’s a gamble). Emma patches things up with her evil-ish parents. Lily’s upset and breathing fire to vent. The quill pressed to page. One story after another. Revenge is served hot in this week’s “Mother”.

Regal Con panel info:

4:00PM – 4:45PM Greetings from Storybrooke Panel

Join Greetings From Strorybrooke Co-Host Bill Meeks and guests Merideth Placko (AfterBuzz.tv) and Becca Canote (former Geek & Sundry LGBT vlogger) as they discuss the latest episode of Once Upon A Time and speculate on the season finale. We’ll also discuss the challenges and rewards of producing a fancast.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 123 – Stupid Stupid Stupid Charmings

  1. The problem with this newly introduced infertility potion is that it’s, once again, inconsistent with the rules of magic as they’ve been set up. We’ve been told that true love’s kiss can break any curse, and Regina has certainly been kissed by those that she truly loves and who truly love her plenty of times since taking the potion. Probably by Robin Hood, definitely by Henry, whose kiss we actually saw break another curse in the past season.

    So in theory, this infertility shouldn’t even apply to her anymore. Of course, that’s the problem with making storytelling rules that are based on absolutes or hyperboles like “strong enough to break any curse”. To me, this shows that, as great as season one was, the show’s flaws went back even as far as those glory days.

    (Interestingly, J.K. Rowling uses a similar absolute, calling love the most powerful magic of all, and yet this didn’t create plot holes in Harry Potter. This point of contact between the two is in my opinion a neat delineation between a well-crafted story and a well-built world, and a badly-told story.)

    As I’ve suggested in the past, you can hand-wave this all away by saying, “Well, of course it isn’t consistent. The Author is messing with things and has been all along. The laws of magic describe how things should work, all things being equal. But all things aren’t equal when the Author is tampering with the story.”

    And this is in itself a very interesting idea, and even fits with the story so far. We know that he’s a fan of Regina, but as any writer will tell you, sometimes we put our favorite characters through the most hardships in our stories. So although the Author is pulling for her, it could make sense that he’s adding in extra twists like this, just to stack the odds against her and make her story all the more compelling (to him, at least).

    But after a certain point, this becomes annoying. This isn’t Once Upon a Time telling a great metatextual story that makes sense. This is us, the fans, coming in after the fact with bandaids (albeit ones that have their origin in the show’s own subtext) to make a badly-crafted story make more sense than it actually does in and of itself. If the writers had put this in the show, or even suggested it, even in a very subtle way, I could buy it wholeheartedly. But they haven’t. So it begins to feel a bit annoying when we have to do their work for them.

    That being said, of course, I’ll continue to watch up through the finale, if for no other reason than to enjoy Greetings from Storybrooke. 😉

    • It’s a big house of cards they have going on here. If they aren’t careful they could collapse the whole thing. Meta is fun but it’s hard to do well. I’m pulling for them.

      • I’m pulling for them, too. I can veer sharp toward being very critical of them, but I don’t *want* the show to be bad. Hopefully the next season will the a perfect way to close out the story. Seems like it’s headed toward a conclusion.

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