Episode 12 – Fisherman Fish

(S02E10) – Hopper drops. Call the cops. Regina’s to blame? Or is it just another Cricket Game?

Talk about an "Evil Regal"

Talk about an “Evil Regal”

Show Notes

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‘Once Upon a Time’ creators talk new characters, Rumbelle, Ariel and more

Once Upon a Time Introduces Snow White’s Mom


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4 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Fisherman Fish

  1. Good point Bill, regarding David completely overlooking Regina’s cooperation while Snow and Emma were away. Did Gold ever talk to Archie, or did that plotline only go as far as Archie offering to listen if Gold wanted to talk?

  2. Hey guys, wanted to let ya know every time I try to listen it doesn’t want to load all the way and stops a lot. 🙁

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