Episode 118 – Regal Con Revealed

We talk with the team behind Regal Con, the Once Upon a Time fan convention happening in Anaheim, CA May 8-10, 2015. We talk the stars, sights, and even share some tips to get the most out of your Regal Con experience. We also review the new Once Upon a Time Graphic Novel “Out of the Past” from Marvel Comics.

Show Notes

Regal Con 2015

Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past Graphic Novel

S04E18 “Heart of Gold” Preview

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Hope’s card + gift

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Once upon a time there was a
queen who scared people to death
she was evil they thought
but listen and take a deep breath

what you don’t know is that
when she was younger she was a very kind girl
but when her mum killed her love everything began to whirl
she found out that he died because of a friend of her
so she started revenge and her heart got darker
she tortured the people and learned to use magic
and I know that is tragic but she killed her father
to cast a spell on the happy people
to send them to their personal living hell

but she’s changing again
understanding that revenge won’t heal her pain
evil isn’t born – it’s made
and so is good – that’s what she once said
finally finding her soul mate
realizing that for a happy ending it’s never too late

Once upon a time there was a
young boy with the heart of the truest believer
he brought his mum back to his life
wanting her to believe in herself

but how could she
all her past life seemed to be built upon lies
she never had a family or a home
Henry being the only reason why she had not already gone
over time her walls built of pain and loneliness broke
and she began to love again
with love came belief
and with that belief she broke the curse
discovering she’s the savior

without her everything would have been much worse

Henry the young boy with the heart of the truest believer
is the person who gave her a home
the person who gave her a family and stopped her feeling alone
never failing to put a smile on her face

Emma once said believing something doesn’t
make it true
Henry taught her the opposite

that’s exactly what makes it true.

Once upon a time there was a
man who tricked many people

he’s still looking for his happy ending

In his darkest days a maid turned his night to day
and taught him to love again
he became a better person but he didn’t change
he is addicted to deals and never seems satisfied
Instead of being self occupied
he should’ve kept his girl tight
now he’s losing her and she does not want him back
he should’ve followed the good path

It could’ve been a family thing
his father turned selfish and left him.
he suffered a broken heart because he really tried to
trust him hard
When his wife left and he was a shame for his son
he chose the dark side
persuing a life in complete shun

Once upon a time there was a
curse which trapped many people in our world
they were not like us

they lived in another world

a world without internet and clothing shops
but they had each other to fill their lives with hope and

they had candles instead of light bulbs
farms and castles instead of skyscrapers
and carriages instead of cars
Kings and Queens instead of presidents
and princesses and princes instead of stars

and they were happy

their society was parted in two kinds of people
heroes and villains
but the belief itself can change one from good to evil
everyone with their own special story
that needs to be told
everyone with so much experience
even if they aren’t as old

some of them used magic
dark and light
but be careful whatever you choose
all magic comes with a price

Once upon a time there was a
show on TV it was called ‘Once upon a time’
and it was about love and hope
finding yourself and choosing
the right instead of the easiest way

Once upon a time there was an
audience that loved that show
they found exactly what they were supposed to find
some found hope, some found a soul mate,
some found inspiration and some found their fate
everyone who belongs to this audience
is a part of a great contraption
it doesn’t matter if they are
young or old
they all have a story that needs to be told

This show taught me so many things
and for now even if my mobile rings
I’ll think it’s destiny

and I know magic is out there
I may not know where
but maybe tomorrow my happy ending will be knocking on my door
I’ll be ready.

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