Episode 117 – It’s an Egg!

(S04E17) – The author’s the one everyone’s after. Not a guy, it’s a job for reality drafters. Our Charming heroes kidnap a baby. Will they find their redemption? Maybe. Rumple’s not well but a hurt heart won’t stop him. Will he capture the author or try to swap him? Will this metatextual plotline placate the fans? Things go awry with this week’s “Best Laid Plans”.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 117 – It’s an Egg!

  1. Hey Bill,

    When you said there was someone who considered the ending of the episode a bit simplistic, that was me. But I think you might have misunderstood what I was referring to, or maybe I just didn’t say it as clear as I should have. What you said, about doing things the right way even if it’s hard, yes, I absolutely agree with that, and with everything you said about that scene in the main part of the episode discussion. That’s not what I was calling simplistic.

    Rather, I think their idea of redemption is simplistic. Basically, what they seemed to be saying was, yes, we did this horrible, horrible thing, but if we just keep doing good things from now on, that horrible thing won’t matter. It’ll be like it never happened. That, to me, is unrealistic and naive. You still face consequences for the bad things you do, no matter how good you are the rest of the time, and being good most of the time doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for bad things, either in terms of practical consequences in your and others’ lives, and in terms of the moral weight (and “heart darkening”) you bear for those mistakes.

    That’s what’s simplistic about that scene, not what you were defending, which I agree with.

    As for the star birthmark, I think this might be the actual mark of Emma’s darkness, in the same way that in Harry Potter, Harry gets a scar on his forehead that is (spoiler alert) the actual mark of the bit of Voldemort’s soul that latched onto him.

    Also, I loved the callback to early GoS episodes with the constant Belle song clips, though it’s weird to see them not annoying Anne Marie as much as they used to.

  2. No worries. I knew it was you and figured since our points intersected in a funny way I’d play offended and rib you a little. All in good fun and I wasn’t actually offended in the least. You know how we do.

    Does the scar theory make Snow Voldemort?

    We always like bringing back old bits when something/somebody reminds us of them.

    • I think it makes Emma Voldemort, since it’s a piece of her that latches onto Lilly.

      And it’s not likely that this is just me drawing conclusions as a fan. Remember, they referenced Harry Potter a lot in that storyline, so I’m sure they were think about that as well.

    • I knew y’all weren’t really offended. I just didn’t want you, or others, to think I was objecting to that part of the ending, because like I said, I agreed with you there, on the aspect of it you were talking about.

      Also, I’d love a Lost reaction podcast. It’d give me a reason to rewatch the show again. Are y’all still watching it, or did you give up? I’d have thought Bill, at least, would have enjoyed it. (By the way, the actor playing the Author in Once doesn’t show up in Lost until season five.)

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