Episode 116 – Too Many Mermaids

(S04E16) – If Rumple is everyone, everyone’s Ursula. Her tentacle strike knocks around Hook’s vertebra. She’s not just a villain. She’s the first little mermaid. Her job is sing-killing but she feels that it’s played. August returns and gets converted to timber. His growing flesh nose is so very limber. One Spice Girl down, but they still have the mole. Down to the sea in “Poor Unfortunate Soul”.

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Best Laid Plans

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Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

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One thought on “Episode 116 – Too Many Mermaids

  1. Thanks for playing my voicemail even though I was one of the late ones… I’ll try to do better!

    ​Bill made an excellent point in this episode that I don’t think y’all fleshed out all the way (except Bobby in his comments) which is that Hook was present when Arial’s point about how villains can obtain happy endings was made. He literally saw this idea proven and demonstrated in front of his face, then turned around and drew exactly the opposite conclusion. Yet another example of terrible writing.

    My objection to the Belle’s mom as Author theory is that she, just like Belle herself, is a character in these same stories we’re talking about. Since she was born and lived in a specific era in these stories, centuries after many of its earliest events begin, how could she have authored or even influenced any of the events which define the main story of the show? Her own life had itself been influenced and framed by these very events she herself is supposed by this theory to have written. It just doesn’t make any sense that a character within these stories could be the creator of all of them. Unless she somehow descended, Christlike, into the world she’d made and became a figure within it. And that strikes me as highly unlikely for Once Upon a Time.

    Also, am I the only one who keeps wanting to call the Jolly Roger the “Jolly Rancher”?

    Another thing I forgot to mention in my voicemail was the possibility that we will continue to see the “Queens” of Darkness get happy endings via the heroes’ help, so that eventually we’ll be left with only Emma, Regina and Rumpel working together with the rest of the heroes trying to stop the three of them. That could potentially be interesting…as long as they don’t go too Dark Phoenix with Emma’s storyline. I can buy her deciding, according to her own logic (whatever form that might take) that Rumpel’s plan is a good one, and deciding to work with him temporarily, but I don’t want to see her just become this powerful, corrupted force that everyone has to team up to defeat.

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