Episode 113 – Spice Girls of Evil

(S04E13) – The Spice Girls of Evil are helping the Dark One. Their plan for redemption is a cleverly stark one: Hunt down the author and give him some notes… Take out the bad stuff (but leave the fur coats). Storybrooke’s moved on from their Frozen folly (minus the scroll which acts as a trolly). Chernabog’s looking for somebody evil. Does the savior he hunts even come from good people? Once is back and it’s time to get down. Let’s talk the new ep “Darkness on the Edge of Town”.

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Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

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The Cat in the Hat and other favorites Written by Dr. Seuss Narrated by: Kelsey Grammer, John Cleese, and Billy Crystal

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One thought on “Episode 113 – Spice Girls of Evil

  1. I don’t think Rumpel can bring Maleficent back to life. Remember that when the other two asked if she wasn’t dead, Rumpel said something like “Kind of” or “Almost” or “Not quite.” I still don’t think even Rumpel can bring anyone back to the dead, whether Maleficent or Bae or otherwise. But maybe he has some power over the almost dead, or the not quite dead.

    Remember that after Emma killed Maleficent in season 1, she still came back as a different sort of monster in season 2 when Hook and Regina went down under the library again. I think the Dark Curse, which brought Maleficent to Storybrooke and trapped her under the library as a dragon, somehow held the power to keep her alive as the caverns’ guardian. Also, when they destroyed the curse, returned to Misthaven, and then remade Storybrooke under Snow’s curse, I think the part keeping Maleficent from dying was destroyed, so that now death reall is a threat for her again.

    Also, I was really excited when I heard the name Czernabog, even though he didn’t look anything like what I would have imagined, since I thought they were starting to draw characters and ideas from Slavic mythology, in which Czernabog (whose name means “black god”) is a figure of darkness and evil. There’s also a Bielobog (“white god”) who opposes him, who is a figure of goodness and light. I wondered if maybe Czernabog was the Sorcerer, and Bielobog was the Author, each of them engaged against the other in a struggle over human nature, as Jacob and the Man in Black were in Lost. I could definitely see something like that happening from Adam and Eddie, who were, of course, writers on that show.

    But then I realized that their version of Czernabog was from Fantasia, so all that awesomeness is not really as much of a possibility. Oh, well.

    (But I loved Anne Marie’s mispronunciation of the name as “Chupacabra”. They need to do Once Upon a Time: the Cryptozoology season.)

    Speaking of Lost, the fast food chicken drive through that Rumpel & the SGOE went through is a Mr. Cluck’s Chicken, which is the franchize that Hurley bought after winning the lottery with the cursed numbers in that show.

    I was a bit surprised at the Frozen haterade. Sure, the plot was definitely uneven in places, and the Snow Queen’s story resolved itself really abruptly and without as much payoff as I would’ve wanted, but I thought they did a good job overall. Yes, it was weak, but no more weak than the Oz storyline or the Neverland one, or even worse, the Home Office one. Maybe I’ve learned the secret to really enjoying Once Upon a Time: low to nonexistent expectations.

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