Episode 111 – Revenge of the Spoiler Party

Join us (and our guests Hope Mullinax, Bobby Hawke, and Amy) as we throw a big spoiler party before #OnceUponATime starts up again. Find out why the biggest threat to Storybrooke is… The Spice Girls?

Seriously? Spoilers?

Seriously? Spoilers?

Show Notes

Donate to Raphael Sbarge’s charity Green Wish!

Agnes Bruckner cast in reoccuring role

Season 4B Photos released

The Wicked Witch Returns!

Captain Swan gets their tables turned

Patrick Fischler cast in recurring role

Sebastian Roché cast as Aurora’s father

Ernie Hudson cast as Ursula’s father Poseidon

Eion Bailey returns as August

Robin and crew face drama in modern day

Random bits

Hatter Connections?

Cruella with a rottweiler 

Captain Hook music video from Christina Perri

More Robin Hood pics

Sheriff of Nottingham returns

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Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Cat in the Hat and other favorites Written by Dr. Seuss Narrated by: Kelsey Grammer, John Cleese, and Billy Crystal

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6 thoughts on “Episode 111 – Revenge of the Spoiler Party

    • We did it yesterday afternoon as a tech test. Didn’t really announce it since we thought we might have crashes. Recording the last Once If tonight!

      • That a relief, since I thought there was a computer issue with my end, and that why I didn’t recieve a notice. Either way if you need an extra person, just know that I am available. Since I am really enjoying the what if scenarios and am dieing to take a crack at it. Then again I am hearing your, Anne Marie. Hope, and Amy opinion is enough joy to keep me satisfy,

  1. For “Autumn”, I had the idea of the protagonist from Brave (can’t remember her name offhand). She kind of has that look, other than the non-curliness of her hair.

  2. I also like the idea of the Peddler being the Author. It’s a great humble-sounding, nondescript name that’s just what you’d expect for a powerful figure like the Author to use while going incognito among the common folk. He has a good look for a role like that, too. Here’s why I don’t see Belle’s mother as the Author. If she had that much power, there’s no way the trolls could have attacked her like that. She could simply have re-written the story so that the trolls didn’t actually attack, or that a powerful knight or sorcerer was there to defeat them. Unless, of course, the attack was something she herself engineered as a convenient and explainable way of disappearing from the scene for a while, in which case that argument is meaningless. Oh well.

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