Episode 11 – Friday Night Spoiler Party

Bill and Anne Marie meet up on the eve of the return of Once Upon A Time to discuss trailers, preview clips, spoilers, and all the other stuff we usually save for the end of the show. Also, beer might make an appearance. It’s our Friday Night Spoiler Party! You should come.

Aww, where's Regina?

Aww, where’s Regina?

Show Notes

Trailer #1, #2

Sneak Peek #1, #2


Return of the Giant and a new cast member

Rose McGowan cast as Young Cora

‘Once Upon’ scoop: ‘Downton Abbey’ actress cooks up mystery role

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4 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Friday Night Spoiler Party

  1. I have to say I love your podcast your very funny. In a interview with the producer and writers of the show they said that Mr. Gold didn’t remember who he was until Emma went to Granny for a room and said her name in season one polit. I have this theory about Cora choosing Snow father to marry Regina we don’t know how Snow mother died what if Cora did something to Snow mother and waited for the King to grieve then have him meet Regina also do wonder if Regina ever try to take Snow heart instead of enact the curse.

  2. I really like your show, the informality of it at first kind of put me off but then I got used to it and now I like it. It’s just like sitting with a couple of friends discussing the show. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Sunday’s night episode.

  3. Hi guys. I’m a huge Once Upon a Time fan all the way from Serbia. I listen to a number of Once podcast’s, including yours. Each is fun, interesting and informative in it’s own way and I greatly enjoy all.

    I just wanted to clarify the confusion in the start of the episode about Gold, Regina and who knows about the curse.

    The creators stated in one of their podcasts, that Gold had no idea he was Rumplestilskin until Emma came to town and the moment he remembers was when she introduced herself at Granny’s and said “I’m Emma Swan” and he responded “Emma, what a lovely name”. The use of the “please” comes in episode 2, when he already remembers and we have that prison backflash with him and the queen.

    On the other side, Regina know all the time. In the earlier episodes when each started with that little recap about the show’s premise, there was a line “Only one knows the truth (the camera would pan to Regina) and only one can break her spell (meaning Emma). Even the creators stated that Regina would probably be able to cross the city line because she has no memories to lose. All the Storybrooke memories belong to the Evil Queen, just as they belong to Mayor Regina.

    Anyway, you should definatly do more of these fun “loose” podcasts ;), and keep up the good work.

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