Episode 107 – Once If…? #1

Canon? Who cares about canon? We’re ripping whole sections out of the storybook to find out what would happen if ABC’s Once Upon a Time went a bit differently. First up: What if Prince Charming had died in the pilot as originally planned?

We’re joined by guests Hope Mullinax and Michael Lucero!

I Learned a new Photoshop filter!

I Learned a new Photoshop filter!

Show Notes

New Once Upon a Time Graphic Novel

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Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Eye of the Scarab by Bill Meeks

This Week’s Audible Recommendations:
The Cat in the Hat and other favorites Written by Dr. Seuss Narrated by: Kelsey Grammer, John Cleese, and Billy Crystal

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2 thoughts on “Episode 107 – Once If…? #1

  1. I listened as I drove into to work …I am on my lunch break and I will be commenting more later… I just want to comment on the HOME OFFICE … rating effected the continuation and dropping of HOME OFFICE as a plot just as much as the PAN royalties…. RATING with the HOME OFFICE story dropped a like a stone… to the point there was a possibility of cancellation. People stopped watching in droves. THEY HATED TAMERA … AND GREG… The Pan arc brought some people back but ratings never recovered until FROZEN.