#1 – Regarding Henry

Bill and Anne Marie briefly revisit the Season 1 finale then dive right into discussion of Season 2, Episode 1 ‘Broken’. We reveal how THIS PODCAST was in the episode. Also, WTF Henry?!?!? Also some interesting fan theories about the identity of Dr. Whale.
Our Podcast In The Episode!

Show Links:

Notes on Dr Whale in the Untold Stories Facebook app

Doctor Whale’s Singlebrooke dating video

farceur318’s Doctor Whale theory


EW.Com – ‘Once Upon a Time’ producers pledge intense season 2

3 thoughts on “#1 – Regarding Henry

  1. Great work! If I assumed correctly, this is Snow’s one-liner:

    Snow: We talked about some inappropriate stuff…one night stands.
    Charming: One night stands?!?!?!?!
    Snow: We were cursed!

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