#165 – Farewell from Storybrooke

(S05E22-23) – Robin is dead and Regina’s depressed. Hook has returned and she thinks he’s a pest. Rumple has taken Storybrooke’s magic to keep Belle’s fate from being so tragic. Henry wants to change up the show. His dad had a plan that only he knows. He’s off to New York while the Charmings realm jump. They encounter a weakling who becomes quite a grump. Regina’s concerned she’ll become evil and use her magic to go straight medieval. Henry kills magic and strands his grandparents. His commitment to cause is so thin it’s transparent. He bothers New Yorkers but makes them believe. The characters in Hyde’s world all start to leave. Our heroes find enemies in the midst of their glory. “Only You” will believe “An Untold Story.”

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2 thoughts on “#165 – Farewell from Storybrooke

  1. I can’t believe my ears, you’re quitting??? I agree 1000%, but I just assumed we would keep up with OUaT until it ended!!

    • Yep. We will still watch of course. Just don’t have the time to devote when the quality is dwindling.

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