#161 – Oz is an Open Door

(S05E18) – The Yellow Brick Road is now overgrown. Dorothy is living in Oz all alone. Well… Besides Toto and all of the Munchkins (those magical micro her-loving bumpkins). Ruby and Mulan wander along hunting for wolves while talking of songs. No love for Mulan (despite those who ship her). Our heroes stall out for this week’s “Ruby Slippers.”

We’re joined by guest Amy P.!

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One thought on “#161 – Oz is an Open Door

  1. It’s 3:20am and I just finished watching the episode! Loved it!
    Just a quick point on my feedback, I was making the point that a children’s show The Legend of Korra totally outdid Once, an adult show, with an LGBT story. The comments with EW were mostly negative. The other link (https://youtu.be/T_I4UZuALp4?t=2m29s) was fans reacting to the kids show. I think that’s important about how well other shows, once again a kids show, accomplished this and Once failed.
    Great episode!

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