YOUR Favorite Moments from “Heart of The Truest Believer” & Contest Winners!

City of the Gods: Forgotten by M.Scott Verne & Wynn Mercere

When the gods of old left Earth, they united to create a new world that mirrored their past glory. Most of mankind was left behind, but some humans were chosen to serve in the City of the Gods. One of these men, D’Molay, works for the ruling Council as a trusted courier. When a helpless girl under his watch is kidnapped, his efforts to recover her reveal her connection to a great beast which is ravaging the Olympian realm. His loyalty to the City is tested as his heart leads him to protect her against those who aim to exploit her powers for their own ends. Refusing to be a pawn of the gods, D’Molay pits his human guile against divine authority in an adventure that culminates in a battle for his soul’s redemption.

As we mentioned in Episode 36 we’re giving away an iTunes gift card cortesy of the City of the Gods series by M.Scott Verne & our #1 fan Wynn Mercere. We’re also giving away a Kindle edition of the first book in the series, Forgotten. To qualify you had to send us your favorite moments from the season premiere. Below are all the entries, followed by the winners of the contest! Thanks to everybody who entered and the Wynn for donating the gift card. She’ll be joining us to discuss Wonderland in a few weeks.

Corinne: When Mr. Gold came out dressed in rumplestiltskin garb. Ready to kick butt and save Henry.

Ana Kurland (Twitter)When Rumple did the sarcastic wave thing for Felix.

Sarah527: Hook when he said he sometime fancied Emma when she wasn’t yelling at him.

Rose: My favorite moment from the season premiere was the fight between Snow and Regin/Hoook/David.

Michael Lucero: My favorite part was the whole revelation of Peter Pan. I knew who he was the minute Henry met him, but I still found the whole thread of him tricking Henry and even the reveal itself fun and satisfying. Can’t wait to see what his goals and motivations are. He has the potential to be a really unique antagonist.

Holly McMiller: My most favorite scene from the season premiere episode is Hook’s comment about the time for a costume change when Rumple comes out all in leather and Rumple just gives him a look.

Stacey: The entire Jolly Roger scene!! I loved all of the dialogue, plus it was just some awesome conflict that was a long time coming and I loved it. PLUS we saw our first mermaid!!
More specifically:
“Fillet the bitch”
“I blame you.”
But ya, just that entire scene 😀

Hope (Twitter)I think I liked the Neal moments best. I loved seeing him working with Mulan and Robin. Though, I’m always a fan of Dark!David. David tends to be flat and boring, so I enjoyed seeing him get darker in some parts.

Chris S: Baelfire and Mulan. Neal has some great one-liners, but it shows a bit how much he actually misses the Enchanted forest, even though he doesn’t want to be there.

Annemarie Davelaar: The moment where rumplegold is meeting Felix (the rrrrrip lost boy) and does his Rumplestilskin hand flair but his facial expression is more like he is bored with it and is only doing this because he is expected to. It made me laugh, just too funny.

Jennifer: I loved the dialogue of everyone on the ship. Every character had at least one good line or more.

Ariella (Twitter): My favorite moment was when Peter Pan revealed himself to Henry. I was not expecting that. It really adds to what Hook said about the whole island being a trap.

Hannah: I absolutely loved just about everything from the premiere, but my favorite moment had to be the fight between Snow and Regina. Besides being really entertaining to watch, it was also very interesting to finally see those two characters address their core issues, something I felt had been neglected a bit in season 2. The relationship between Snow White and the Evil Queen is central to this show, so I hope this indicates we will explore their problems more over the rest of the season.

Binali: Neal’s “tell her I’m alive and that I love her” my shipper heart broke in to two.

Woo S! Kim (Twitter): Regina and Snow coming to blows because we have been waiting for that for 2 seasons now and even though it was only for a few seconds. The payoff was still so good.

And without further ado… OUR WINNERS!

First Place (iTunes Gift Card):  Hannah

Second Place (City of the Gods: Forgotten Ebook): Hope Mullinex

Winners were selected using a random number generator. We’ll be in touch soon, and watch for our episode later tonight for more information.

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