We need YOUR help for our 100th EPISODE!


It’s Bill, one half of your favorite Once Upon A Time podcasting duo. We’re gearing up to celebrate 100 episodes next Monday (as well as cover the double-length episode “Smash the Mirror”) and we need your help.

We love hearing from our listeners, and the 100th episode seems like a good time to solicit feedback for the next 100 episodes. We want you to answer three questions:

  • How/when did you find Greetings?
  • Whatโ€™s your favorite part of Greetings?
  • What could we improve?

Send in your answers using one of the contact methods on our contact page, although as always we prefer voicemails. ๐Ÿ™‚ Every answer will make it on the live broadcast on Monday November 17th at 8:30pm EST on Google+.

Go hereย to RSVP and join in the chat on the day. We’ll be hanging out for a bit after the episode wraps officially to talk with everybody and maybe even take some calls.

It’ll be a blast, and we can’t wait have an extra-special episode to discuss this extra-special episode ofย Once Upon A Time.

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