We Have an Announcement!

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We started Greetings from Storybrooke nearly four years on September 28th, 2012. With almost 200 episodes, legions of listeners, and numberous IRL meet ups and live panels. It has been a wild ride.

Season 5

I don’t think it’s a secret we’ve been spilling a lot of Haterade this year. The show we Once loved just hasn’t held our interest as much in Season 5 as we would have hoped. As you know, we have a lot of other projects on top of Greetings from Storybrooke. We’ve spent a lot of time reassessing our lives and the way that we spend our time. We think that the time that we spend on GFS could be better, and more positively, spent elsewhere.

The Announcement

Next week will be the final regular episode of Greetings.

We will follow-up soon after with a listener round table with some of our favorite friends we’ve made along the way well. At least we hope to have them on. We haven’t gotten around to asking them yet.

It’s Not Goodbye

This isn’t goodbye. Really. We’ll still be doing Legends of Gotham and We’re So Lost so you can get your Bill and Anne Marie fix. We hope that if Sci-Fi’s Krypton series (by a former Once writer/producer) gets picked up we’ll be doing a show about that as well.

Then there are our other projects. Bill’s writing with Dogboy and Infinite Tina. If you don’t know her, you will. Anne Marie has recently resumed writing over at Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated with tons of personal stories, recipes, crafts, and reviews to make your day.

We hope that you will consider supporting us on these personal projects.

Next Week

For next week please try to make it to chat.

Please think about calling or writing in to let us know how you found the show, why you’ve listened, favorite moments, etc. We’d love for this to be as big of a celebration of what we’ve done over the past few years, while discussing the supersize Season 5 finale!

We’ll go extra late so that we can get to EVERYTHING.

We love all of you.


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