Regal Con Report: Day 1

It’s like coming home again. Hey, guys. It’s Bill Meeks from Greetings from Storybrooke. I’m attending Regal Con 2015, a Once Upon a Time convention, in Anaheim, CA this weekend. Here’s the report for day one. After a long day that started at around 4am EST I finally arrived in California. After a shady airport shuttle ride I eventually made it to the Wyndham around 4pm. Sadly I missed the cosplay panel and Jeff and Colleen’s podcast panel. So sad. Blame the driver.

I'm here!

I’m here!

As soon as I stepped off the shuttle I ran into our listener (and the winner of the Regal Con… test) Liz dressed up as Emma Swan herself!

Me and Liz

Me and Liz

After meeting up with an old friend it was time to head to the kickoff panel/45 Spacer concert. Roxy took the stage to get us started…

Roxy gets sentimental at the Regal Con 2015kickoff panel

Roxy gets sentimental at the Regal Con 2015 kickoff panel

Then the band 45 Spacer brought the house down! IMG_1137 I’d never heard them before but thought they were really good. As a former roadie I tend to judge musicians by how they handle technical foul ups. The lead singer’s microphone went out in the middle of the song but with a little help from the crowd and the backup vocalist it was probably my favorite song of the night. This young men are Lana Parilla’s stepsons which is why they were tasked with playing. How much more regal can you get? Sadly I had to leave a little early because I’m old and I had another event to get ready for. The cocktail party!

It was a ton of fun, even if I was just a tad overtired. I got to have a great conversation with Happy (Michael Coleman) and got a little face time with everybody else. I ended up heading to bed early. I’d been up for about 24 hours and 3 hours sleep the night before so I was beat. Now I’m up, wired, and ready to cover Regal Con’s big day. Lana arrives today! Should be a ton of fun, I have books and audiobooks for sale if you see me around. Oh! I’m also carrying around my friend the Apprentice.

The Apprentice (a gift from our listener Patty)

The Apprentice (a gift from our listener Patty)

I want to get your picture with him! If you see me around just come up and ask to see the Apprentice. I’ll know what you mean. Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates all day today, and make sure to catch our LIVE Greetings panel tomorrow at 4PM PST/7PM EST at

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