Letters: The Broken Kingdom

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut letters for time. These are the ones for “The Broken Kingdom”. Patty starts us off with connections to Rumple and Hope has some serious Pro/Cons!

I am King Arthur, and I shall rule with my broken sword!

I am King Arthur, and I shall rule with my broken sword!

Dear Bill and Anne Marie,

Out of 1001 Agarbain sand I’ll give it 750 Agarbian sands, because while this week episode wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as strong as last week.  The reason why I feel this way is because of David and Mary Margret’s flashback.  While the flashback did have a few enjoyable moments, but all around I did feel bored.   Which is ironic since the other flashback was the best part of the episode, since I enjoy watching the evolution of Arthur  and Guinevere’s  relationship.  Especially seeing   how Arthur’s obsession with the dagger had not only cost him his marriage, but  his reaction did make it one of my favorite moments of the show.

This flashback cause me to compare their relationship with Rumple, and Bell’s relationship. Since both of these couple did learn of their  marital troubles as a result of one of them  craving power, but at the same time  both Rumple’s and Arthur do share the weakness when it comes to the dark one dagger.  (I wonder if the craving for power this  is the  side effect of  wielding Excalibur or its  power.)  On a side note, I felt it is necessary to point there differences especially when it comes to the reason behind that weakness. Rumple’s weakness is caused by the  loss of his  freewill   that occurs when someone else holds the dagger. Meanwhile Arthur’s weakness is tied to the perception that he wield his unbroken Excalibur,  and the potential conquest and revolution that can emerges if they learn the truth.

It would be easy to say that Arthur was the principle idiot of the episode when he decided going on a pointless adventure is more important than celebrating his wife birthday, but I would be lieing. This title goes to Emma when she asks Merida to teach Rumple brave. Since you can’t teach anyone to be brave, because being brave mean to perform an action without considering the risk or being afraid. Being afraid is one characteristic that is tied to Rumple’s  personality.  What Rumple should be learning is courage which the action that involves acknowledging the risk that surround an action and overcoming their fear. There is no reason to confuse these two word and no trying to tie into title of Pixar movie is not a reasonable excuse, but a pathetic one.


Patty Mouro

The Broken Kingdom was the tale of two halves for me. I loved the first half, but the second half was borderline season four terrible. Here’s a list of my pros and cons from the episode:


-I loved Arthur’s obsessing over the dagger. It fits him into the ranks of Rumpel and Killian obsessing over their respective quests

-I loved the whole Guinevere and Lancelot team up and the parallels to Emma and Regina in the season four finale.

-The Charming fight was much needed. Sometimes the Charmings seem untouchable with their sunshine and rainbows relationship. It humanized them so much.

-Captain Swan was okay. I could take it or leave it. Though, it was fun with them spying on Henry in the barn with his girl

-The reveal that Arthur wants to kill Merlin was an interesting twist


-While Hook and Henry scenes are great, I really need to see Henry with Robin. That’s his other potential stepfather

-Zelena is the new Will Scarlet of this season. Why make her a main character and have her absent?

-Look at that magic sand magically fixing all of Arthur’s problems. Why can’t he be a real villain and take care of things on his own? Remember Peter Pan? He was such a good villain because he OUTSMARTED the heroes! Arthur using the sand feels like lazy writing. Why must we always fall back on magical item #12?

-First Rumpel to Belle, then Zelena to Robin, and now Arthur to Guinevere. There are other ways to write drama in relationships than controlling your spouse.

-Where are Granny, Doc, and Happy? At least Leroy’s been in the episodes. Shouldn’t the dwarves be there to help and protect Snow White?

-Merida in jail with Lancelot didn’t bother me. BUT I DO HAVE A BIG ISSUE with Merida training Rumpel to be a hero. WHY!? Why doesn’t Emma threaten Belle instead? That would pull out Rumpel’s hero urges faster than Merida kicking his ass in the woods! OH WAIT! Disney has their grubby hands all up in Once’s plots again, and they have to put her SOMEWHERE in the story

Questions I have:

-If all the Lancelot/Gwen stuff happened five years ago, where does “Lady of the Lake” fit in? It was prior to Regina’s curse and Lancelot would be OLD! If Camelot is a part of Misthaven, then it could have been frozen in the curse. But not all the kingdoms in the Enchanted Forest weren’t frozen in time. Look at Arendelle. They were affected from the Snow Queen’s curse NOT Regina’s curse. Which kingdoms were a part of Regina’s curse and which weren’t?

-Can the Rumpel in Emma’s mind plot separately from her? The Dark One is a separate spirit. Can it do other things without Emma’s knowledge?

-Are there more than one Dark One wells and vaults? In season four, Rumpel’s vault had no doors and no way out which varied from the vault in “The Broken Kingdom”

I gave “The Broken Kingdom” 12 out of 20 beautiful Lancelot tears.

  • Hope

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