Letter from Kate: Correcting our Mistakes

It's always nice to get letters...

It’s always nice to get letters…

We got a great letter from Kate last week after she marathoned all of our episodes. Poor girl. Because she listened to them back-to-back she was able to pull a ton of great stuff we’d brought up and forgotten about. The letter was way too long for Bill to make it through so we decided to throw it up here on the blog instead. Well worth the read. Join Kate after the jump for some great insight.

Hi guys, this is Kate (aka MysteryKat25),   First off just wanna say how much I am enjoying your podcast! I came across it because of the Roundtable with OncePodcast and I absolutely love it!   * It’s very funny, informative, and laid back * Love the rhyming little poems that recap the episodes briefly * Love the random callbacks to songs I haven’t heard in forever * Episode commentary was hilarious – please do more in the future (especially as we know so much now that we’ll pick up on more stuff!) * Friday Night Spoiler Parties are fun! (I’ve tried to avoid most spoilers for awhile and gave up. The stuff here is still fun and even with spoilers they still manage to surprise us) * Bill – you need to read Harry Potter (or at least listen to Jim Dale read it, either way. Even the actors are tweeting quotes from it! Get on board. Also – Once fills my HP void: the writing is similar if you reread and realize the clues were planted. HP was the last time I sat around theorizing about stuff) * Anne Marie – you need to watch Mulan (you’ll love Mushu the dragon: trust me!)   Onto the specifics in the hope that they help people (feel free to leave some of them for the site or any that aren’t relevant right now, paraphrase, whatever / whenever you want to do or use) 🙂 Sorry this is going to be so long-winded. I sped through all the episodes but absolutely loved them! Looking forward to more and I hope that some of these points prove helpful whenever they’re relevant in the future. I know I need to do a rewatch at some point and it’s easy to forget random things that have happened so please don’t think I’m nit-picking!! I really do love you guys.    1. Mr. Gold’s memories: The creators have said that Rumple didn’t remember who he was but I will agree with Bill on the idea that we really need to see evidence. So I have some! Some will point to the look at the end of the pilot when he first hears the name “Emma” but I would like to direct your attention to episode 1×02 The Thing You Love Most instead: When Regina makes the deal with Rumple to find out about the curse she laughs at his request that the word “please” will be in effect because he won’t remember it to which he says “then what’s the harm?”…Regina’s reaction to him using it at the end of the episode is one of shock (implying he’s never used it before); this is again tested in 1×12 Skin Deep when she gets blocked again and again by the use of please, resulting in her orchestrating his eventual time in the jail cell so that she could confront him and get him to reveal that he DOES know he is in fact Rumplestiltskin, where apparently he didn’t give her these kinds of problems in the past or it wouldn’t have taken her 28 years to question it. Her reactions in both of these episodes make me convinced that he did not know who he was until Emma showed up. Regina & Jefferson are the only ones who had their memories the entire time.    2.  Jefferson’s daughter is named Grace (Paige in Storybrooke) and many have theorized that perhaps Alice is Grace’s mother (that’s what I’m going with as well). The name connections (as this show loves to do) are from a song by Jefferson Airplane called “White Rabbit” – the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane was Grace Slick.   3. Animals: Jiminy was shown to have been a person before being turned into a cricket and he’s a person in Storybrooke. Pongo was a dog in Fairy Tale Land (we can assume since he’s a dog in the traditional story) and he’s still a dog in Storybrooke. Therefore since “Gus” was a person in Storybrooke, I think it’s safe to say that he was a person turned into a mouse (for whatever reason) and then he was changed back into a person when he was sent to Storybrooke. Poor Gus Gus, I waited ages to find out who Billy the mechanic was (he was always hitting on Ruby and I had high hopes so that she could love again) and we finally found out who he was, only to lose him again *sniff sniff*   4. August: We haven’t seen him recently but we do know that he can leave (I originally thought he was headed to New York to see Neal but I guess not…); regardless of where he actually is, IF he left Storybrooke for any reason he should still be wooden but only able to be SEEN by believers: Emma didn’t see him turning to wood, just saw him having trouble walking. I would assume that the people of New York (or wherever he may have gone) would still see him as a person, albeit it one with a walking issue. He better show up soon so we find out for sure where he went!   5. Magic In & Out of Storybrooke: It would appear (and I think they confirmed this) that anything affected by magic retains the magic in or out of a world with magic. For instance: Graham’s heart was enchanted / taken in Fairy Tale Land but could still be crushed *sniff sniff* in Storybrooke even when there was no magic. However I don’t think at that time Regina could have taken a NEW enchanted heart because of no magic. The same applies to Mr. Gold’s shawl: it was enchanted within Storybrooke and kept it’s powers outside of Storybrooke, but you can’t enchant something new outside of Storybrooke. (For the record I think when he took it off in the TSA line he momentarily forgot who he was and became Mr. Gold who we haven’t really met other than to pick up the rent; it disoriented him momentarily and then he got his memories back the moment Emma put it back on). His ability to do magic was not lost by taking off the shawl, but by leaving Storybrooke. He just didn’t officially test it out until after he had taken off the shawl: hence the confusion. The same can be said about Hook’s ship: it was enchanted within Storybrooke so kept its cloaking into New York (and we didn’t see the ship appear again until after we got within a close-up range, much like seeing people after they have boarded the cloaked ship). I don’t think it’s enchantment came off at any time.   6. Nova & Grumpy: We saw that they were getting along in Storybrooke as Astrid & Leroy, but we have yet to see how Dreamy ended up in jail for supposdly stealing a diamond to give to her, nor how they split up originally when they were gonna sail away instad. Lots more backstory there but my theory about why they haven’t reconnected in Storybrooke yet is that depending on where things ended up in the past (and they weren’t together that we know of, hence Grumpy staying Grumpy and not Dreamy…) is that things are now awkward because they know who they are and haven’t confronted each other about the past yet. I hope we get to see what happened with that backstory at some point, though I doubt it’ll be this season with everything going on. I’d love to see Amy Acker come back and fill in some of that though. Grumpy’s my favorite.   7. Tallahassee: I really enjoyed this episode so was sad to hear that you guys hated most of it but was thrilled when you mentioned as long as it pays off later because I think it will! (I think the “shippers” probably enjoyed this episode much more because it launched two ships: SwanThief (Emma & Neal, now referred to as SwanFire) and CaptainSwan (Emma & Hook – personally I’m more CaptainSwan but I understand the SwanFire people too). Other than it having the shipping stuff and a little bit about Emma’s past, it paid off already with the Bae reveal (along with the continuing story of Anton the giant) but I think the most important part that was a tease for a bigger payoff later actually relates to Hook. We saw a different side of him when he was alone with Emma on their trek up the beanstalk and he made some interesting comments regarding the Lost Boys. He sounded almost sympathetic to them, making some wonder if perhaps he once was one before returning to Neverland after Milah’s death (he did know exactly where he would need to go to get enough time to plot revenge when others like Smee didn’t know where they were going), or he possibly didn’t have the same kind of relationship we’re used to seeing between Captain Hook and the Lost Boys. This may be especially true now that it seems that NealFire (Neal + Baelfire) spent time in Neverland. (NealFire Pan anyone??). I think once we finally get to see a Neverland flashback, the softer moments Hook had in Tallahassee will be explained more fully (and hopefully surprise people who hate Hook so far because of what they expect him to be. Often times characters that have been hated turn out to be some of the favorites once more of their story is revealed (though I’ve loved Hook since we first met him, especially because of the moments in Tallahassee.) Hoping once we’ve seen more then more people will get on board with Hook. Thanks Anne Marie for not hating him as so many do!   8. Mulan, Aurora, & Phillip: We started the season with them so I would think they might do like last season and wrap back around to them at the end but we’ll see. I firmly believe that Phillip can be rescued and I’d like to see what progress they’ve made (though it needs to be relevant to the rest of the story – not just a sideline thing taking up time in other episodes). If some of the characters go back to Fairy Tale Land eventually they’ll at least have allies over there. Also, where is Shang? There is clearly not supposed to be a “real” love triangle here because Aurora & Phillip’s kiss broke Aurora’s spell, therefore it is true love. Phillip may care about and appreciate Mulan and I’m sure Aurora does now as well, but let’s get Mulan her guy,huh?   9. Archie & Rumple: Rumple DID go see Archie last season and they had a fun conversation where Archie was surprised to learn that Mr. Gold had a son and asked him how old he was. His response? “Let’s start with a less complicated question.” We don’t know much of what he told Archie, but there was a reason that Archie was taken by Cora – he did have at least the one session with Rumple.   10. Emma’s stuff: It WAS sent to her when she moved in with Mary Margaret early in season 1 – her blanket arrived (was previously seen in her apartment in Boston) and Mary Margaret commented on how little she had. Fun fact: Granny was knitting that blanket at the round table in the pilot. So sweet.   11. Belle in the season 1 finale: Belle was barely out of the hospital when the curse broke. She had just been rescued by Jefferson and told to go see Mr. Gold who had just gotten the bottle of true love potion and headed straight for the well. During this time we don’t really know anything about her Storybrooke personality (poor thing was locked up forever!) and then the curse was broken so they shared their moment by the well and then he brought magic back. There was not a whole lot of time in there at all.   12. NealFire’s apartment: there was a woman’s bowling trophy that nobody could figure out from the season premiere. I would hazard a guess it’s Tamara’s.   13. It was an Ajira Flight (53) and Ajira was the 2nd airline in Lost (the first being Oceanic)   Again sorry this was so long! Will go episode by episode from now on. Love the podcast. Keep up the good work!   Kate

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